So, what is crystal therapy?

Crystal therapy is a complimentary therapy, but what is complimentary therapy?

You may hear these terms and wonder what does this mean? I understand complimentary therapy is a therapy which can be safely offered when traditional conventional medication are already used, so together complimentary therapies are safe to use with conventional medicine. (All therapists will always advise you to please contact your GP/health practitioner if you have any serious health issues or concerns.)

One holistic therapy is crystal therapy – have you ever heard of this or wondered what it is? And more to the point, how it works?

Well, have you ever heard of anyone talk about the chakras? Crystal therapy works with the chakras, as crystal therapy can be used with conventional medicine. You can rest assured that this therapy is all for the greater good, this means all you experience during and after your therapy can only be good for you.

So as an introduction to how it works and what the chakras are....

Think about the centre of your body from the top of your head to your toes and imagine colours are shining through in a straight line; you have a clear light at the top of your head, then purple on your forehead (third eye), blue on your throat, then green on your heart, a yellow, orange and red also shine through down the rest of your body. (I understand these colours are connected to the chakras dated back to the years of the Sanskrit Language at its earliest – if you read up on this information you will find conflicting information as to whether they should have petal/flower shapes or spinning vortexes – personally, I feel them as spinning vortexes).

Crystal therapy can help those who cannot sleep or relax, experience sore ankles, legs and shoulders or who struggle with life in general, e.g. confidence issues and many other ailments, with many successful results.

During crystal therapy, everybody experiences something different. It could be hot and/or cold movement in the body, I believe this is due to the chakras re-aligning themselves through the use of crystals being laid on the client at areas of the chakra and through the energy of the vortex in the chakra, which if you imagine is spinning. 

If you can also imagine your body with a stream flowing through it, with a small pebble in the middle of your body. The stream cant flow smoothly so this causes ripples around the small pebble, but remove the small pebble and the stream flows smooth again. This pebble could represent something in your past that is holding you back, the reason why you have no confidence or whatever your ailment may be. This is how the crystals and the chakras work together. The crystals like everything are made up of atoms etc which are constantly spinning and within the crystals the atoms are constantly spinning too, and I believe (without going into a great science ramble as I am not a scientist) that the chakras and the crystals either speed up or slow down the balance of the vibrations which in turn removes the pebble and allows lifes (chakras) vibrations to vibrate smoothly and return the client to a state of peace and calm state of equilibrium.

If you feel good on the will look great on the outside!

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