Osteopath Clinic Chinnor

Presenting David Gray’s new Chinnor Osteopathic Clinic, where he prides himself on his professionalism and the excellent range of therapies, offered. His new Home clinic at, No. 24 the Avenue, in the village of Chinnor, offers Osteopathy including Cranial Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation. 

He also holds clinics at, The Risborough Therapy Centre, in Princes Risborough.

Experienced in providing expert treatment, to a wide variety of people, with various conditions. This results in the majority of his patients, arriving either from personal recommendations, or referrals from other professionals.

David is practical, in delivering his holistic approach, considering your symptoms, he looks to the underlying causes. He then provides your treatment appropriately. Whilst his treatments are gentle, he is experienced in targeting the problem, in a straight forward manner, which produces effective & long lasting results. 

He encourages, relevant exercise & rehabilitation, in maintaining your recovery. 

Preventing recurrence, he provides expert guidance on; lifting techniques, posture, ergonomics & stretching.

Bringing a balanced approach, he supports you in upholding, a healthy & pain free lifestyle.

David’s good reputation, is in understanding difficulties, resolving them, then helping people to remain healthy. 

Contact him; David Gray 01844 354 737 or 07973 297 438

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