How homeopathy can help with prolonged stress

The word ‘stress’ comes into nearly all conversations with patients at any clinic. Usually due to grief, relationship break-ups and pressures at work. Prolonged stress can lead to detrimental health problems, such as sleep deprivation, depression, digestive issues, high blood pressure, skin conditions and a compromised immune system.

Your central nervous system is responsible for your “fight or flight” response, releasing adrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal glands. Your body responds according to the severity of the physical reaction to the ‘threat’. When the perceived fear has gone, the nervous system should then return to normal, but if the stressors remain, the body continues in the “fight or flight” mode.

From experience, homeopathy has really helped to get patients to a more relaxed state. By talking through their fears, anxieties and physical symptoms, a clearer picture can then be obtained on how that person has become who they are today and what triggers their stress. A remedy can then be chosen that fits that person’s individual symptoms, but it is often found that the adrenal glands also need to be supported with well-chosen therapeutic remedies. In addition to taking homeopathic remedies, patients are encouraged to find some time in their day for a simple 10-minute meditation session and to take a look at the foods and drinks that may accentuate the stress.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself from the inside out, once the right tools are given. With homeopathy, they can relax in the knowledge that what they are taking is safe, non-toxic and without side effects.

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Paddington, London, W2

Written by Meira Burton

Paddington, London, W2

Meira Burton has been passionate about homeopathy for over 20 years and received her training and qualifications at the College of Practical Homeopathy, London. She has successfully treated clients for cluster headaches, hormonal issues, stress, skin issues and Polymyalgia. Meira runs clinics in London at both Covent Garden and Paddington.

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