Homeopathy in emergency situations

Accident and emergency situations and how to support patients with homeopathy.

After my third trip to A&E this year (such is the joy of being a parent!) it’s given me plenty of time to consider how homeopathy can benefit both the patient and the carer in acute situations. 

The aim of this short piece is to inform you of how you too can put together an emergency kit; one that will aid healing of body and mind and calm nerves. 

All families are different, so I am going to tell you what I carry for my own brood, but you could get a homeopath to personalise a kit for you and your family. 


This is your number one remedy for any kind of trauma or bruising. Bones, muscles, emotional. Falling off a bike, tripping over, muscle spasms or suspected breaks, just by taking an arnica on the way to hospital can speed up recovery and bring out a bruise much quicker than if left on its own. It is also really useful for concussion.


Give aconite when you or your loved one has had a shock. It could be the shock of falling off a wall, being told your Granny is in hospital, that you found out your mum had a fall or if you had a car accident. It is also a top remedy in crisis situations like natural disasters.


I always carry this one, especially during summer months. Apis is perfect for dealing with wasp or bee stings, hives, sudden inflammations, heat or allergic reactions.


Great for when you get really hot; maybe a fever, or a hot flush, or if you want you can combine it with apis when you have a red, hot sting. My son tends to get rather hot when he has a cold coming on, one belladonna and he then sleeps it off.


Really great for car sickness. This remedy curbs that nausea that can make travel very unpleasant for some. Also good for that bilious feeling that can just come in from nowhere.

Carbo vegetabilis

Made from charcoal, carbo veg is the perfect remedy for when you feel weak, off colour and unable to function. Homeopaths call it the great ‘corpse reviver’, it really does shift things quickly. It is also brilliant if you suffer from IBS or trapped wind and can ease symptoms.

Kali phos

This is one I carry around if I feel a bit light headed, prior to getting a migraine. It stops me feeling dizzy.

Nat Mur/Bryonia combined

For me this is the ultimate headache remedy. Plenty of years of fine-tuning what suits me for my particular ‘style’ of headaches and this shifts it quick.

Cat remedy

Made from cat hair, I carry this around in case I take my son to a house where a cat happens to live too! It can ease allergic symptoms and make it possible for my son to play and have fun in an environment which typically would be difficult and could result in shallow breathing and lots of itching. Remedies can be made from all allergens, so do ask your homeopath.

Arsenicum album

A great remedy for food poisoning or upset tummies as well as breathing issues. 

I also carry Bach’s Rescue Remedy spray, which can calm the nerves and just focus the mind at times of difficulty (especially in the case of A&E waiting room!). 

This is my own personal ‘greatest hits’ collection. You will need to consult a registered homeopath in order to make a bespoke collection for you and your family. Any emergency condition requires professional advice and if you are in any way concerned about you or your child’s welfare contact NHS direct or your GP immediately.

Keep safe!


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