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Food for thought - Have acupuncture to regain healthy weight

Today marks the beginning of the National Obesity Awareness Week in the UK, and this is my contribution to raising an awareness of how healthy and balanced lifestyle can be achieved through the use of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine based dietary plan.

Acupuncture aims at re-balancing your body and improving any ill symptoms you might have. Overeating, leading to excess weight, is seen as a major metabolic balance disturbance, and is regulated extremely well with regular use of acupuncture and following nutritional prescription for personal constitution. Considering that this therapy has no side effects and can regulate excess body weight, but also the accompanying symptoms resulting from it, such is hypertension, raised cholesterol and musculo skeletal issues, this makes it a therapy of choice.

With regular acupuncture treatment, metabolic function is restored by stimulating the transformation and transportation of nutrients and improvement in absorption. With this action, hunger is reduced, as the adequate digestion and absorption means that foods ingested are utilised to their maximum, and lead to satiety for longer periods of time.  

An important part of this therapy is that it views the cravings for certain foods as an unbalance that, once regulated, leads to better eating habits. Through the use of acupuncture, this gradually changes, and allows for eating other healthy foods, leading to better digestion, better evacuation and therefore, better energy levels, too. 

As part of the acupuncture treatment, diet plays an incredibly important part, as prescription of foods for one person might have little, or no effect on another. The individuality of this therapy comes to a spotlight here. The same is true for the exercise advice given. Personal circumstances and lifestyle are always considered, and suggested steps to change are gradual. This is important, as often any drastic diet plans or exercise patterns are followed for a short period of time, but until the changes introduced are understood as a new lifestyle and not a temporary measure, resluts are mixed and short lived.

There are many ways that obesity is dealt with today, as this is a complex and multi layered issue, unfortunately still very present in the modern society. However, by raising awareness of what healthy lifestyle really means, and more importantly, how can this be achieved in daily life, is of paramount importance. 

Through the use of acupuncture this can be achieved, as this is a personalised therapy that addresses multi-layered issues all at the same time. It is very important to understand that this works best as a partnership between the practitioner and the patient and requires patience and commitment on both sides for best results.

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London, Greater London, W1K 5SL

Written by Gordana Petrovic

London, Greater London, W1K 5SL

In her clinical acupuncture practice, Gordana combines aspects of Eastern/Western medical practices to achieve best treatment outcomes as she believes that this is the most effective method for resolution of modern health issues. Special interest in use of acupuncture in internal and reproductive medicine and common sense lifestyle promotion.

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