Ear Candling, it's not about Wax and Wicks!

Ear Candles are a fine linen tube, dipped in beeswax and honey, with additives of aromatics herbal extracts and oils.

Hay Fever, sinus congestion, allergic rhinitis, tinnitus and wax related deafness are some of the reasons for use. Various blends exist to suit all sorts of reasons.

The candle is held gently at the entrance to the ear canal as it burns. A vapour drifts down through the base of the candle, into the ear, through into the sinuses and middle ear. A mild suction, or chimney effect occurs, which draws out wax.

The blend of ingredients calms the sinuses and nasal passages.

The middle ear, where pressure can build after swimming, diving, flying, or infection, can be encouraged to drain out, easing pain and pressure.

Though candles are sold for DIY use, there is no comparison with a professional treatment. You can relax, the candles can be used to full effect, and the treatment is followed by a massage of acupressure points over the face, neck and ear to back up the treatment.

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