What is crystal healing and how can it help?

Crystal healing (also known as crystal therapy) is a holistic therapy. This means that it focuses on treating the person as a whole and can be used alongside both orthodox medicine and other complementary therapies. Here we'll explore what crystal healing involves and how it can help.


How does crystal healing work?

Rather than treating the result of an illness, the individual symptoms of the physical body (as with traditional Western medicine), crystal healing deals with the original cause of why something has manifested. This could be on an emotional, mental or sometimes spiritual level. It can help you to address why such symptoms would need to occur in us in the first place. 

It is a ‘subtle energy medicine’, which means that it works as a ‘medicine’ for the subtle energy field (also called the biomagnetic field or aura). This is a field that surrounds and interpenetrates our physical bodies. The idea of a subtle energy field is something that has been widely accepted and understood within Eastern medicine for thousands of years, with the concepts of meridians and chakras.

The aim of crystal healing is to help restore a sense of wellness, wholeness and balance. It can help to support the physical body in its own natural self-healing process.

How can crystal healing help?

The subtle energy field is much finer (literally more ‘subtle’) than our physical body. And so, any therapies that work upon it must also be ‘finer’, and able to work upon our emotions and mental states rather than our dense physical selves.

Crystals are one of a number of finer vibrational ‘tools’ that can be used in this way (the Bach flower remedies, for example, are another). Each crystal vibrates at a certain frequency. Introducing this frequency into our energy field then allows our dis-eased body to remember a healthier emotional or mental state than the one we are currently expressing.

As it is our difficult unresolved emotions and thoughts that put the physical body under stress and can manifest as an illness in the first place, transforming this stress within our energy fields helps our bodies to return to a greater state of harmony and health.

What happens during a crystal healing session?

In a crystal healing session, the therapist will assess the client’s energy field in order to evaluate which crystals are appropriate for the healing. Crystals may be placed on or around the body depending on what is needed. Healing energy is then channelled and shaped, focused or amplified by the crystals.

Sound can also be used during sessions as a sonic tool. This can be vocal sounds or sounding a Tibetan bowl.

If you're ready to explore crystal healing, you can use Therapy Directory to find the right crystal therapist today. Once you've found someone you resonnate with, you can contact them to arrange your session. Crystal healing typically takes place in-person, but some therapists also offer remote healing sessions. 

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