Computer tips with the alexander technique

Do you suffer from RSI, back neck, shoulder pain or tired eyes as a result of using your computer?

The alexander technique is a taught practical method of self-care and self-improvement. A teacher can show you with special hands-on gentle, guidance and spoken advise, how your habits could be leading to unhelpful strain and tension on and off the computer. This method is taught privately, one to one and in small groups.

A clinical trial started at the University of York in 2011 is looking to find out how effective the method is for reducing chronic neck pain. Neck pain accounts for 11% of the UK's total health care costs and is the second most common problem after back pain.

The three year trial results with 450 people were released last year. The alexander technique came out streets ahead of the other methods, acupuncture and GP care.

Whilst reading this, stop for a moment, just notice where your shoulders are. Are they creeping up around your ears? Do nothing, then think of your neck being free and floating up and away from your shoulders. Stop and notice the difference.

Whilst holding the mouse, notice how your fingers are squeezed around it tightly. Stop and think of your neck floating away towards the ceiling, as you quietly think of releasing any tension away from each of the fingers, one by one. Notice the difference in the spread of your hands.

Notice where your feet are. Is one foot wrapped around the other? Undo the twist and place then flat on the floor. Then again, think of your neck gently floating away from your shoulders towards the ceiling. \next, hink of each toe separating from each other.

These may seem like small things, but in the long run you can help reduce tension. The very best way is to let a professional show you how.

The University of York clinical trial:

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