ConneXions group - now is the time to develop your connection via video call

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Effectively Express Yourself - ConneXions Group - taking place remotely via video call.

Next Group: 12th May.

Discover the art of effectively expressing yourself and gain insight into how to interact effectively with others.

The Aims of the Group: Encourage the development of honest expressive communication in a safe environment. Practise safe connection with others.  

Attendees will benefit from Karen’s expertise by learning and developing the following skills:

  • effective listening
  • understanding of self and others
  • communication tools
  • assertive communication
  • state management
  • practical tools for self-help

In this day and age of instant communication, it would appear we are all far more connected and in touch. However, has our communication become more effective? How safe do we feel to truly express our feelings and opinions without reproach? 

  • Have you felt pressured to conform and change who you are to fit in?
  • Have you felt fearful of truly expressing your own opinions and feelings?
  • Have you felt frustrated and misunderstood?
  • Have you not felt able to communicate effectively?
  • Would tools to help you express clearly and assertively make a big difference?
  • Would you like a safe place to practise and learn?

To find out more details and register to attend the group e-mail us here.

Alternatively please call us on: 07782 381855/01932 403780.

ConneXions Group will take place on:

12th May and thereafter the second Tuesday of the month.

Venue: zoom video call

Time: 6.30 – 8pm

Cost: £15


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Hosted by Karen Oliver

I have been in practice for 17 years guiding clients. My passion is to share tools & resources to help others discover & utilise their skills & abilities. I firmly believe we can all learn from each other & communication with ourselves & others is key to our success. My expertise is in coaching & energy therapies.