Autumnal equinox: Spiritual growth

With falling leaves and falling temperatures, the autumnal equinox opens nature’s vibrant last act before the icier days of winter begin.

My favourite day of the year for many reasons. As the warm sun drops in the sky, we’re reminded that summer intentions are ready for harvest. As the first leaves drift from the trees, we awaken to a second chance to start over. As the nights draw in and the days pulsate with colour, we’re called to a make-the-most-of-it energy. Let’s take a look at what happens on this day and the spiritual significance of this time of year.

What happens spiritually during the autumnal equinox?

The autumnal equinox marks the end of the harvest period, representing a time to celebrate abundance and the bounty of nature. It’s at this time of year that farmers take stock of their carefully nurtured crops. In the pagan wheel of the year, this day is known as Mabon, named after the ancient Welsh hero, who is believed to have been kidnapped as a baby and held hostage in the underworld. 

Spiritually, the autumnal equinox is about balance to night and day, shadow and light, the earth and the divine. On this auspicious day, we are being called to rebalance and reharmonise our body, mind, and soul by honouring the natural shift in seasons. It’s a symbolic withdrawal from the visibility and yes energy of summer to a time of inner reflection and slow retreat.

Our innate wisdom is always within earshot, speaking to us in hushed tones, but in the quieter seasons, it’s less of a whisper. Not just an opportunity to reconnect with our inner voice, the autumnal equinox is a time to reap the benefits of our summer’s hard work. It is a time of gentle reflection, joyful living, and deep surrender.

As mystic and yogi Sadhguru says, “The equinox is a day to bring balance, to not be identified with this or that, not even being a man or a woman, not even being human or another creature – just to sit and throb as life.”

When is the autumnal equinox?

The autumnal equinox happens every year in September, and in the northern hemisphere, it’s the beginning of autumn. At the equinox, the sun illuminates both sides of the hemisphere equally. In 2023, the autumnal equinox will happen on Saturday 23rd September at 6.30 am (GMT).

Autumnal equinox and the chakras

As autumn provides a chance for us to travel inwards, we can focus on our sacral chakra as a healing point in our body. The sacral chakra belongs just below the navel and resonates with the fiery orange hues of autumn. It’s responsible for our creativity, sensuality, and joy. When the sacral chakra is balanced, you feel more comfortable in your skin and can more easily release those things that no longer serve you.

One way to bring the sacral chakra into balance is to spend some time with nature’s vivid display of autumnal colours. This will give your body a lovely boost before the winter’s doze. Another way is to imagine a vortex of swirling orange taking up space in your lower abdomen, clearing and cleansing this energy field. By acknowledging the parts of you that no longer serve you, you’re getting ready to release them and rebirth new intentions.

6 autumnal equinox rituals

How do you like to celebrate the arrival of autumn? Here are a few tips if you’re wondering how to mark the equinox.

  • Set the mood with some cosy songs to create an uplifting but relaxing atmosphere.
  • Light a light and dark candle to represent equal hours of day and night.
  • Make or bake something with cinnamon as a symbol of abundance and success.
  • Take a walk in the woods and collect the early falling leaves for decorations at home.
  • Write down what you want to let go of and what you would like to bring into your life.
  • Bring some crystals, such as dendrite (which helps us move through change), into your equinox honouring.

If you would like to seek help from a crystal healing therapist or simply want to learn more about the types of spiritual and energetic healing approaches available, use our search tool to find the right professional for you. When you’ve found someone you connect with, simply contact them to talk about working together and learn more about the type of spiritual work they offer.

I hope you’re feeling as ready as I am for the summer heat to fade away, getting ready to savour the fruits of change and new possibilities. What are your autumn dreams?

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Written by Samantha Redgrave-Hogg
Sam Redgrave-Hogg is a Content Creator & Strategist at Happiful and writer for Therapy Directory.

Written by Samantha Redgrave-Hogg

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