Aromatherapy: ask the experts

This week, we asked holistic therapist and Therapy Directory member, Michelle Mulliss, to share her thoughts on aromatherapy and how essential oils can help.

Aromatherapy expert tips

Can you explain what aromatherapy is?

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils is a traditional method, used for the treatment of many conditions. I consider them to be one of nature’s amazing gifts.

The electrochemical nature of essential oils and their release of charged particles into the bloodstream is the way in which the use of these oils can help treat and influence the chemical environment and endocrine system, which is the body’s chemical nervous system.”

How do you work?

“As a specialist in women’s health, I treat many different hormone-related issues, such as infertility, painful periods, menopause, night sweats, migraines and mood swings. Clients may also contact me for the treatment of IBS, anxiety, MS and neuropathic pain, as well as colds, coughs and the treatment of children. People often seek aromatherapy for a more natural approach of recovery.

I use a range of holistic treatments in my clinics including aromatherapy, acupuncture and nutrition, to complement a patient’s representing symptomology.

Aromatherapy is a treatment I always use to complement and enhance recovery and well-being. Today, our stress levels are at an all time high and often the aroma of essential oils is the first thing that most people will associate the treatment with. Many will find it relaxing, not knowing what is happening at a cellular level. As these airborne particles are inhaled into the body, their charged particles influence the chemicals in our body and invoke a response.”

What essential oils do you suggest for treating stress and promoting relaxation?

“For those who suffer anxiety, the most obvious and readily available oil is Lavender True. This is a common oil that many people will use in their homes, either as a candle, in a bath or as a remedy. It is a calming oil and is used to treat a range of different conditions. As well as lavender, I tend to use oils such as Bergamot. Bergamot is often used to calm those who are agitated, have feelings of panic and in some cases, used to manage symptoms of depression.

Rose Otto is another calming oil which is thought to calm anxiety and has a sweet flowery aroma that relieves tension. I also use it when treating women suffering painful periods or going through the menopause. This oil is hormone-like and regulates and stimulates the pituitary gland (an area of the brain that is important for hormone release). Another hormone-like essential oil is Yarrow. It is an oil I use for women with fibroids, cysts and problems with their ovaries, such as polycystic ovaries.

Like with all natural therapies it is important that you are treated with a qualified practitioner who holds the relevant qualifications and can prescribe the right combination of oils for your medical condition.”

To learn more about aromatherapy and its benefits, you can use our advanced search tool to find a therapist near you. We also have a proof policy, which ensures all of our members have provided proof of insurance and qualifications, or membership with a professional body.

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Written by Ellen Lees
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Written by Ellen Lees
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