My experience of Bowen therapy

Bowen therapy (also known as Bowen technique) is a holistic therapy that targets specific points on the body to encourage its ability to balance, repair and reset itself.

Rhiannon's story

There are a number of conditions that Bowen therapy is believed to help with, including:

– migraines
– knee and hip problems
– mobility issues
– digestive problems
– sports injuries
– fatigue
– stress.

Rhiannon’s story

“A friend of mine was training for their Bowen qualification and asked if anyone was interested in being a case study for her. At the time, I didn’t know much about Bowen therapy, how it worked or the benefits, but I was curious to find out more, so I volunteered. After doing some research into the technique, I was skeptical. However, I was keen to find out if it would work.

The experience was very relaxing and I fell into a dream-like state during the session. I felt an immediate effect for some of my symptoms, which I thought was really impressive. Over the week, I continued to feel the benefits.

My body “listened” to the practitioner’s instructions and without any manual manipulation, started to realign and balance itself. By the end of week four, I noticed a huge difference to my posture, overall well-being and was experiencing less pain in my joints.”

Where can I find a Bowen therapist?

The first step to take when considering Bowen treatment is to find a therapist that resonates with you and is sufficiently qualified. On Therapy Directory, we have a proof policy. This means professionals are required to provide proof of qualifications and insurance, or membership with a professional body before being listed with us.

To find a therapist specialising in Bowen therapy, you can use our advanced search tool. When you find someone you think could help you, simply contact them and ask to book an initial consultation. This consultation gives you the chance to understand the way they work, and gives the therapist the opportunity to learn more about your medical history, your symptoms and what you wish to gain from Bowen therapy.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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All therapists are verified professionals

All therapists are verified professionals