Essential oils: Open your chakras

The Sanskrit word, Chakra, translates to “wheel” or “disk” and refers to the wheels of energy that flow throughout the body. But how do you energise the chakras and keep them spinning?

Open the chakras

There are various ways you can keep your chakras active and healthy. For example, practising yoga and meditating can promote awareness of the chakras and help you understand how they are affected by different emotions.

Essential oils are one method that is believed to be effective in opening and activating the chakras. Best practised in a quiet space during meditation, massaging essential oils into certain parts of the body can help activate each area and rebalance the body’s energy.

The Root chakra

This chakra is all about feeling grounded and connected to the Earth.

  • Colour: red.
  • Where: base of the spine.
  • Essential oils: myrrh, cedarwood and patchouli.

The Sacral chakra

The chakra connected to emotion and sexuality.

  • Colour: orange.
  • Where: just below the belly button.
  • Essential oils: jasmine and ylang ylang.

The Solar Plexus chakra

This relates to our will and power in the world.

  • Colour: yellow.
  • Where: stomach.
  • Essential oils: ginger, rosemary and lemon.

The Heart chakra

This is the expression of our compassion and our ability to love.

  • Colour: green.
  • Where: chest.
  • Essential oils: bergamot, thyme and rose.

The Throat chakra

This relates to truth and having a voice.

  • Colour: blue.
  • Where: throat.
  • Essential oils: chamomile, ginger and lemon.

The Third Eye chakra

This is the chakra for intuition and the “sixth sense”.

  • Colour: indigo.
  • Where: between the eyebrows.
  • Essential oils: bay and clary sage.

The Crown chakra

The final chakra, this relates to our connection to the spiritual side.

  • Colour: violet.
  • Where: crown of the head.
  • Essential oils: sandalwood and frankincense.
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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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