Habits for a mindful, stress-free morning

One of the best stress-management techniques is changing up what you do in the morning. Starting the day fresh, motivated and ready for a challenge is one way to keep you happy and positive, but not all of us are so great in the morning.

Habits for a stress-free morning

If you’re friends with the snooze button, reconsider the relationship. Often, when you hit snooze, you end up in a rush to get ready, skipping breakfast and arriving at your desk hungry and uncomfortable.

Let’s be honest, stressful mornings are exhausting. You deserve more than that and you owe it to yourself. So here are our favourite ways to make your morning stress-free and enjoyable.

Set your alarm 30-minutes earlier than usual

As well as waking up earlier, switch up the sound of your alarm. Instead of the screeching noise you are used to, pick a mellow sound to wake you gently.

Name five things you are grateful for

They could be things that happened at the weekend, general part of your life or the things you like about yourself. Waking up and thinking positive thoughts will automatically boost your mood.

Ignore your devices

We are firm believers in making time to be with yourself. Emails, texts, Instagram and Pinterest will still be there after you’ve had time to appreciate being you.


The benefits of meditation include a sense of inner peace, an enhanced ability to concentrate, a boost of creativity and a sense of well-being. Learning how to meditate is an investment and doing a short session each morning will help to keep you calm and ready for the day.

Write down a daily intention

Commit to a healthy change. This may include taking a walk on your lunch break or after dinner, having a green smoothie or cutting back on your sugar. A healthy habit may also include making someone smile or doing something for a stranger. Writing it down means you hold yourself accountable to sticking to the change.

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Written by Ellen Hoggard

Ellen is the Content Manager for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Ellen Hoggard

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