The trick to work happiness

As so many hours of the day are spent working, it is important to create a pleasant, enjoyable environment. You may work at an ordinary office, but you can bring a touch of home-comfort to it. Make your workplace aesthetically and emotionally pleasing.

Recent studies have shown that a better work environment can help increase wellness, productivity and motivation, as well as decrease overhead expenses.

We already understand what can help make an enjoyable office: a warm room, controlled volume, comfortable furniture and a good company rapport. However, studies suggest flowers and “bringing the outside in” can benefit the office too.

So, how can you make your work-life more comfortable?

Welcome nature

Did you know there is “an instinctive bond between all living things”? There is a direct connection between people and nature, so bringing flowers and other greenery into the office space is the first step to creating a calm, comfortable working environment.

Focus on colour

It is known that colour can have a direct effect on our mood, but the right colours can also increase focus and improve accuracy. When choosing the plants and flowers you wish to bring to your desk, choose bright, flowering plants. They can improve your productivity as well as managing your mental state.

Many areas of psychology associate emotion with colour: blue flowers appear to promote feelings of calm mental clarity and improve creative thinking, while red blooms encourage energy, vitality and ambition.

If you want to boost alertness and promote clear thinking, choose yellow flowers. Team them with orange blooms to lift your mood and enhance your self-esteem.

Don’t forget the air

Having an office with good indoor air quality can help promote strong immune systems. Not only that, but a good smelling office will help to keep you clear headed and motivated. Try introducing some scented candles or a diffuser.

A well-aired, pleasantly smelling office will in turn decrease the number of sick days in employees. However, don’t forget to enjoy some fresh air throughout the working day. Making sure you take time outside can clear your mind, boost your well-being and improve productivity.

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Written by Ellen Lees
Head of Content.
Written by Ellen Lees
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