Surprising fertility tips

Surprising fertility tipsFind out what you can do to improve your hormonal health naturally.

Whether you are planning ahead for a family or you simply want to improve your hormonal health, understanding how food, chemicals and even your partner’s health affect your body is valuable information. The following facts about boosting hormone health may not be on your radar yet, but are important to consider:

Cut out all forms of nicotine (yes, even the e-cigarettes)

Most of us know that quitting smoking is an easy fix to boost fertility, but many don’t realise that nicotine replacement therapies such as e-cigarettes and nicotine gum are still harmful. The nicotine in these products can delay conception and reduce ovarian function.

Eat more fat

We’re talking about the good kind of fats here. Diets that are low in fat and highly processed will only work against you as cholesterol is needed to produce hormones. Eat a healthy quantity of fats from nuts, oily fish and avocado. Pesticides tend to accumulate in fat, so look to eat organic when it comes to fatty foods.

Clean up your cosmetics

Our skin is the body’s biggest organ, so it is important to consider what we put on our bodies as well as what we put in our bodies. Mineral-based make-up products are a more natural and safe alternative to standard brands.

Consider your prenatal vitamins

If you are trying for a family, put some thought into your prenatal vitamins. Simple folic acid supplementation is falling out of favour (as the synthetic vitamin can hinder our ability to use other important B vitamins). Instead, look for supplements with ‘active’ folic acid like folate and folonic acid.

Remember, it takes two to tango

Don’t forget about your partner here. Ensure they are being diligent in their healthcare and have an honest conversation about what you can both do to improve your hormonal health.

If you enjoy taking a natural approach to healthcare, you may be interested to learn more about naturopathy. You can find out more on our dedicated naturopathy page.

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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