Attuning to nature – how to get in sync with the seasons

Attuning to nature - how to get in sync with the seasonsKeep reading to find out how to eat and exercise in harmony with the seasons.

After the glorious sunshine we had last weekend, it appears as if spring has finally sprung in the UK. For many of us this is revitalising – filling us with energy to start the new season afresh. With every new season there are ways we can attune ourselves, from the foods we eat to the exercises we do to help us harness nature’s cycle in our own lives.


Spring is perhaps the most important time of year to be aware of seasonal living. Marking a time of renewal, nature’s energy is rising in spring – and ours should be too. Look to eat plenty of fresh green vegetables, but be mindful to keep dishes warm. Stir-fry dishes and spring green soups are ideal for this.

Giving your house a spring clean will go a long way in helping you feel more energised, so be sure to rid your house of any clutter to feel lighter mentally. In terms of exercise, spring is a great time of year for detoxing – so try to get that circulation and lymphatic system moving with cardiovascular work. Brisk spring walks and stretching exercises like yoga will help to pull you out of that hibernation state of mind and get you ready for summer.


When summer arrives, days are longer and lighter giving us (what feels like) more hours in the day. Energy levels are usually high, so take advantage with a cardio-based exercise routine that includes plenty of swimming, running and aerobics. Getting out in the sunshine will provide you with mood-boosting vitamin D, so be sure to take your routine outside when you can.

Eat a diet of raw foods when possible, snacking on summer berries and salads. Take some time to keep everything balanced with meditation and yoga for a bit of down-time during this high-energy season.


As the weather turns colder, changing your diet to include warming foods like curries and spicy foods is key. Coughs and colds are common during autumn, so restrict your intake of dairy and keep vitamin levels high with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Your exercise routine should start to move indoors and focus more on strengthening and conditioning – to build up your immune system ready for winter. Consider taking up pilates and lift weights to build muscle. Aim to keep your house warm, dry and brightly lit so you don’t miss the summer sun too much.


Rather than stocking up on stodgy, unhealthy comfort foods – look to include root vegetables and winter berries in your diet. Warm soups and herbal teas will keep you warm when the snow starts to fall outside. Look to meditate during winter to keep energy levels balanced and stress to a minimum.

Keep up an exercise routine that is focused on strength and flexibility to keep joints healthy. Bikram yoga and tai chi are ideal options for this time of year.

Do you live seasonally? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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