Discover the health benefits of Horsetail!

There’s no horsing around when it comes to this one-of-a-kind ‘super herb’.

Horsetail is an unusual looking plant that is reproduced by its spores instead of seeds, but it is considered one of the most potent herbs available to mankind. The ‘super-herb’ can absorb some of the most unique minerals in the world, including silica, which is rarely found in other plants. Providing such a rich source of this chemical compound means horsetail is considered essential for aiding the treatment of a variety of conditions and symptoms, including ageing!

See below for some of the herb’s most interesting benefits:

  • Counteracting Osteoporosis: Research has shown that horsetail can have a positive impact on bone density, and it has already been employed in Italy as an alternative therapy to help prevent fractures and boost bone strength. It is thought the high ratio of silicon content is a key reason for this.
  • Brittle nails solution: Minerals found in horsetail are thought to be effective in reducing white spots and tackling weak and brittle nails. Reports suggest taking horsetail extract daily, and/or soaking the nails in horsetail to help your nails become stronger and more resilient. Try it yourself by adding two teaspoons of the dry herb to a cup of water to create a solution to dip your nails in.
  • Hair care: Studies have linked silica found in horsetail to improvements in hair health and growth, and other potential advantages include tackling dandruff, hair loss, and split ends. Using a horsetail extract shampoo is considered effective treatment for revitalising weak or troublesome scalps, and many herbalists recommend massaging a few drops of the extract into the hair to improve circulation in the scalp.
  • Improved cognition: A study conducted by Brazilian scientists found that when given horsetail extract, the cognitive performance of test rats was enhanced – as too were their short-term and long-term memories. The report printed in ‘Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behaviour’ concluded this might be the direct result of the antioxidants found in the herb.
  • Anti-inflammatory: A study published in 2004 revealed that horsetail had shown anti-inflammatory properties in mice and helped to reduce edema (abnormal swellings) by 30%.
  • Tackling skin problems: Silica is a proven source of collagen that’s vital for the health and growth of connective tissues throughout the body – which is why horsetail is also considered an effective anti-ageing remedy.

If you’d like to know more about how herbs like horsetail can benefit your health, take a look at our herbalism page and find out how a herbal therapist can help.

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Written by Tamara Marshall

Written by Tamara Marshall

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