Chronic neck pain could be treated with yoga

Neck pain is an issue that effects an estimated 20 per cent of the population at some point during their lives, a large figure but hardly surprising considering the amount of strain we put on our necks.

Chronic neck pain could be treated with yoga
Yoga could be a great alternative to painkillers for chronic neck pain.

Nowadays it is not uncommon to sit glaring at a computer all day or to be constantly looking down at your telephone, iPad or laptop – usually at an angle which puts tension on the neck – potentially leading to pain.

Whilst for many of us this discomfort is only temporary and can be shifted after a hot bath, a warm compress or some painkillers – for others this pain persists all day, every day for prolonged periods of time.

Now however, research that has been published in The Journal of Pain has shown that the ancient practice of Yoga could be beneficial if incorporated into the treatment of individuals suffering from chronic neck pain.

Those who do suffer from chronic neck pain will know that it is not only uncomfortable, but that it also can lead to poor quality of life and many days and hours lost at work.

This new German study however, has shown that yoga can be an effective treatment for neck pain, and also has the additional benefit of leading to psychological improvements in both well-being and general quality of life.

If you would like to find out more about yoga and its potential benefits, please visit our Yoga Therapy page to find out more. 

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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