Broga – the new form of yoga developed especially for men

For a male, performing the downward facing dog, the tree or the lotus position could harm both pride…and a little more in the less flexible. However, the benefits of yoga are well documented and for men who felt they were missing out a new and more male friendly version was born…Broga.

Co-founder and Broga president Adam O’Neill believes that Broga could help men to lead healthier lives and says that the system can be easily incorporated into the average health and wellness regime.

With general yoga, many men have an issue with the flexibility aspect and are simply unable to hold the moves. In addition, incense, chanting and various other ‘yoga’ concepts that are often involved are also seen as problematic and off putting for some male participants.

Broga however, has been developed for both the male body and psyche and involves strengthening poses carried out in an environment that is more identifiable with traditionally athletic men and set to music that is contemporary.

Commenting on the changes, Mr O’Neill said: ‘We have a tremendous amount of respect for the history, tradition, and spiritual foundation of yoga, but yoga (particularly the Asana practice) is evolving as it always has.

Broga classes and retreats are currently only available in the US, but if popularity continues to increase at the same rate it won’t belong before Broga is crossing over into the UK.

For further information about Broga please visit the company website, or to find out about yoga take a look at our yoga therapy fact-sheet.

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Written by Emma Hilton

Written by Emma Hilton

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