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About me

Founder of Down To Earth Health & Health School

“My clinic work at Down To Earth Health allows me work with people who want to improve their health. I can honestly say every day is different with the different symptoms and ailments that clients come to have a session with me.

Since I started on my journey as a practitioner back in 2001, the gut and digestive system have been a source of huge interest for me.  If you are not assimilating and utilising what you eat and don’t clear out your waste in a timely manner, you can’t have a healthy body or brain.

Rosemary reached full Diplomate status in Systematic Kinesiology in 2001.  She then went on to study, Homeobotanicals, Holistic Massage, Naturopathic Nutrition, Clinical Massage as well as doing regular Continuing Professional Development each year. 
She has worked as a health practitioner and as a tutor has taught the Foundation & Practitioner course in Systematic Kinesiology with TASK in London & SAK and is now delighted to teach the Foundation & Professional Diploma that is accredited with the KA & CNHC.   (KA - Kinesiology Association, CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) She is also the author of the Muscle Book used in the Foundation and Diploma Courses accredited by the Kinesiology Association used nationally.

As she says:
“my goal is to ensure that you enjoy and feel benefits from this experience and that you get the most that you can during our time together.  Having clients and students return to do follow-up sessions with me is amazing and I want us to have a long, fulfilling relationship together”. Preventative health is the best form of health, as my clients have learned from experience.

Newer Additions
The Brain Health Programme so far has proved inspiring, with changes happening for clients who are willing to incorporate various changes in their diet and life. Available in groups, 1:1s and online with Skype/Zoom Calls.

Having worked with Cytoplan’s Action Against Alzheimer’s Programme since 2016 I am now delighted to bring the Brain Health Programme to the Scottish Borders thus sharing the information with an even wider audience. 

Humour is important to me, so even in these workshops, there is always a bit of time for a giggle and lightheartedness even when dealing with serious topics.  Laughter, after all is one of the best medicines!”

Kinesiologist, Homeobotanical Practitioner, Nutrition Advisor & Advanced Clinical/Myofascial Massage

Health School

At present, these are the courses offered by Health School. The Foundation & Diploma Kinesiology courses are accredited by the Kinesiology Association and the CNHC - Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

  • Brain Health Introductory Talks
  • Brain Health Workshop - 6 weeks
  • SOW - Seeds of Wellness using Kinesiology Talks
  • FLOW - Kinesiology Foundation - 4 long weekend - 6 modules
  • FLOW - Kinesiology Intensive Foundation - 14 consecutive days
  • GROW - Kinesiology Diploma - 6 long weekends - 12 modules

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Balanced Health 1-4 & 5-6 (Merton Adult College), 1998
  • Accredited Foundation Tutor (Fast-Tracked) for Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK), 2000
  • Diploma from The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK), 2001
  • Homoebotanical Certificate, 2003
  • Holistic Massage (ITEC AP&M), 2003
  • Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, 2008
  • Group Director Facilitator for Patrick Holford's Zest4Life 2011 - 2013
  • Group Facilitator & Creator of Lbs & Ozs - Healthy Weight Management 2014
  • Advanced Clinical Massage - Jing Institute, 2014
  • Hot Stone Fusion - Jing Institute, 2014
  • Myofascial Release - Jing Institute, 2015
  • Action Against Alzheimer's - Cytoplan, 2016
  • The Brain Health Programme - Cytoplan, 2018
  • Trustee of Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK), 2018
  • Certificate in Nutrition, Nutrigold, 2019
  • Gluten Free Practitioner, TheDr.com - Dr Tom O'Bryan, 2019
  • Updated Gluten Free Practitioner, TheDr.com - Dr Tom O'Bryan, 2020

Member organisations


Kinesiology Association

KA is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value Systematic Kinesiology has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being. They promote high standards of ethics, training and practice among their registered members, and provide information to the general public about Systematic Kinesiology.

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Tuesday 8.30am - 6pm Wednesday 8.30am - 1pm Thursday 8.30am - 5pm

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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