Marilu Wren

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Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Kingsbridge TQ7 & Modbury PL21
Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About me

I’m an Energy Coach and am qualified as an Advanced EFT Practitioner, Kinesiologist & Anusha Healer. I also use the principles of Energy Medicine (Meditation, TCM Theory, colour, sound, crystals, chakras etc) to support clients in aligning their energy with their true essence.

I particularly enjoy working with women who are facing adversity, whether their own or supporting a loved one through challenging times, that they are also find hard. 

Life’s shocks can impact us so much more than we realise, being held in the body as stuck energy with the potential of creating dis-ease until it’s released. 

I create space to both acknowledge your fears, concerns & issues whilst also supporting you to connect with your body & mind, which are holding on to your stress responses.

Through EFT & Energy Medicine, I then help you to release the shock, stress, tension & worry that are overwhelming you, calming both the Amygdala and your nervous system. The mindset, techniques & processes I use also resource you for resilience moving forward. 


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, is a powerful technique, that is based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology. This form of psychological acupressure uses a gentle tapping technique instead of needles to stimulate traditional acupuncture points.

The non-invasive EFT protocol balances the energy system and aids psychological stress and physical pain relief. 

Tapping on the meridian endpoints on the head, body and hands, halts the fight or flight response and helps to re-programme the brain and body to act – and react – differently. By calming the Amygdala this way it deactivates the brain’s arousal pathways, sending a calming response to the body and allowing the amygdala to recognise that it’s safe.

EFT helps to release limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that have been created by negative events or memories, which tend to keep us in fight/flight/freeze or hold us back by believing something about ourselves that is no longer relevant or true. 

It is particularly effective for releasing trauma, stress & PTSD and as a recent article regarding Evidence for EFT reports:

"Random Controlled Trials have found EFT treatment to be effective for
(a) psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, phobias, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
(b) physiological issues such as pain, insomnia, and autoimmune conditions;
(c) professional and sports performance; and (d) biological markers of stress. 

Comparatively few treatment sessions are required, as treatment is effective whether delivered in person or virtually, and symptom improvements persist over time. Treatment is associated with measurable biological effects in the dimensions of gene expression, brain synchrony, hormonal synthesis, and a wide range of biomarkers."


It is easy when life keeps throwing you curve balls, to stay stuck in the stress response without even knowing it; which means we hold an underlying amount of tension & preparation in our body, which then over responds to our next trigger. This is shown to have a long term debilitating effect on all areas of our wellbeing. By releasing this tension, shock & stress from our bodies we are then able to reduce:

- Symptoms of anxiety, depression & PTSD
- Physical pain & inflammation
- Fatigue & get better sleep
- Emotional reactivity

Whilst improving our:

- Health & autoimmune diseases
- Sense of empowerment & confidence
- Focus & ability to be positive
- Sense of ease & inner peace

So if you are overwhelmed by life events at the moment:

- Feeling burnt out, stressed or unsure of how & where to start
- Needing someone to help you figure out how to move forward
- Stuck in functional freeze/stress response
- Find yourself unable to cope with grief, loss or betrayal
- Feeling low, lost and stuck, full of self doubt and uncertainty
- Shocked by recent events eg: prognosis, divorce, grief, loss or betrayal

Or maybe you are supporting a loved one in difficulty:

- Having your own emotional reaction to their situation
- Feel drained from supporting your loved one and are heading to burnout
- Feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of what’s happening around you
- Need to factor in some self-care so you can be at your best for your loved ones
- Tired & Stressed and just need to take a step back and re-evaluate
- Need to come to terms with what’s happening and how you feel about it

Get in touch for a free Clarity Call to see if I'm the right person for you:


Are you looking to rest & restore your energy? Then come to be held and nurtured by me for a blissful hour of energy healing held at The Modbury Therapy Centre(PL21 0QR - parking nearby) .

As vibrational beings we can hold discordant energies within our field, both our own and other peoples. To regularly cleanse your energetic space will leave you feeling revived, restored and resilient for your every day life. All you have to do is relax and fall into a peaceful & heavenly sleep, whilst I use vibrational energy healing to uplift and balance your energy using:

- Sound Healing
- Crystal Healing
- Kinesiology shock clearing protocol
- Powerful Tibetan energy medicine & the Infinity Symbol to balance you.
- Soft & angelic Anusha healing energies,

Single 60 min Session £75 / Block bookings £60ea

Remote Healing

I also offer an Energy ABC (Audit, Balance & Cleansing) which is a powerful remote healing protocol to transform and align negative & positive energies in your life.

Whilst you make time to settle your energy with a Meditation from me, I work remotely to reset your energies, transmuting anything that is not working for you and bringing in any energies required to bring you back to balance. 

Energy ABC remote session - £65

Training, qualifications & experience

I am qualified, accredited and insured as a:

  • Advanced EFT Practitioner
  • Touch for Health Kinesiologist
  • Anusha Energy Healer

I've also studied Meditation under a renowned Spiritual Teacher for 3 years.

Photos & videos


£95.00 per session

Additional information

A single session investment is £95
(typical sessions are up to 90 mins, whilst your first one may be a little longer).

If you book a block of 3+ sessions = £85 each
(A block of sessions is an effective way to deal with long term issues in order to receive the full benefits of working with EFT.)

You may receive tapping videos/scripts after a session if appropriate and possibly a meditation link also to support your healing journey. 

Sessions held at Modbury Therapy Centre will incur a £10 surcharge

When I work

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

I am open to working early evening sessions if that is the only time available for the client. Please let me know if this is something you wish to explore. 

Further information

I work:

  • Online via Zoom
  • From my home near Kingsbridge (TQ7 3AQ)
  • Modbury Therapy Centre (PL21 0QR) - appts incur a £10 surcharge

I welcome you to book a free 15 mins Clarity Call so that we can see if our energies align and you wish to work with me:


"As soon as I met Marilu I knew I was with someone who truly cared and wanted to make a difference for me. I arrived with emotional baggage made up of sadness mixed in with disappointment and some anger at what life had thrown at me. We all have a background story which can leave emotional scars. They can be difficult to understand and vocalise but after the first session with Marilu I had shed much of what I was dragging around inside me. It was incredible the feeling of an emotional weight being lifted from me. Using the tapping technique at my 3 sessions, with Marilu talking and guiding me, has been one of the best, most spiritually uplifting experiences of my life and it is something that I can practice whenever I feel the need. Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping - has quite literally given me a new outlook on my life and my future. I feel refreshed and have a freedom of thought I had lost. I can’t recommend highly enough the therapy or the lovely Marilu and the manner in which she conducts the Tapping sessions. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you Marilu.”

"I have been lucky enough to do some coaching and some EFT with Marilu and would be very happy to recommend her. You can feel safe with Marilu and like she is on your team, she is non judgemental and accepting of whatever turns up for you and uses it in a positive, solution focused way to invite more light, peace and movement where there has been stuckness. Marilu has a strong connection with nature and incorporates this into her work through visualisation and relaxing meditation. Marilu has a lovely way of accessing emotions and ideas in a visual way which can help you see and process what"

"Having not experienced Energy Medicine before, I was blown away by my exprience of both tapping, meditation and the sound healing. I didn't know that my body could feel like this and I had a great sense of a washing of my body, of the impurities coming out. Having recently experienced a devastating diagnosis, Marilu's support and protocols helped me to feel calm and in control since the dreaded phonecall. I could feel the colour and heat moving up my body, it was like my body was talking to me. Marilu has introduced me to a door I didn't know existed in my body, a door to the mechanics of how my body works. Marilu's made me feel that I can do this. I am beyond grateful, thank are feeling. "

"The sessions were transformative in so many ways. My anxiety has eased markedly. I am sleeping better. I am drinking less alcohol without even realising it! But most significantly, whenever I feel stressed or anxious, I now do a few rounds of tapping like you taught me and I immediately feel calmer. And, would you believe it, and it may be a coincidence but my business has just taken a massive leap forward towards financial sustainability and it came without any extra effort. As you said, everything is energy"

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition, please consult your GP for advice before starting any new therapies.

Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7

The Modbury Therapy Centre, 35 Church Street, Modbury, Devon, PL21 0QR

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In person

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Adults (25-64)
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