Usui/Holy Fire Reiki 2 course

07908 528 661 07908 528 661
14th June 2024, 9.15am - 6.45pm
Open to all
£175 (£50 in advance to book)
Marlborough Road, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 9BU

A one day course for those who have already completed Reiki 1 (Usui Reiki or Holy Fire Reiki).

This course deepens the student's connection to the Reiki energy and brings many new healing tools and techniques. Participants will learn three sacred symbols which will enable them to give much more powerful healing and to send distant and situations healing. This course is suitable for those wishing to intensify their self-healing practice and the use of Reiki for their lives and those in them, as well as for those wishing to become Reiki practitioners.

Students will also be introduced to the Holy Fire III World Peace energy, which is very powerful yet gentle. Small friendly class with a maximum class size of four students, giving plenty of opportunity for practice and questions. Students will receive a full manual and a certificate. Course cost £175.

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Hosted by Diana Cox

My name is Diana and I am a Reiki master in Usui/Holy Fire®III Reiki and Holy Fire®III Karuna®Reiki, World Peace version. I've taught Reiki for the past 15 years. I love teaching Reiki as I can see first-hand how Reiki can help people to transform their lives and find peace and healing. I am a master/teacher member of the UK Reiki Federation.