Chakra and colour dowsing workshop

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18th May 2024, 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Open to all
Teignbridge Scout Head Quarters, Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 1JQ

Discover the vibrant world of chakras and colours, and learn how to harness their power for healing and balance.

In this immersive workshop, you will:

  • Unveil the secrets of your chakras by exploring their influence on your well-being and their connection to specific colours.
  • Learn how to use dowsing, this intuitive technique to identify chakra imbalances and blockages.
  • Awaken your energy by mastering the use of working with colour, visualisation, and other techniques to clear and balance your chakras.
  • Practice some energy healing techniques on yourself and witness the transformation.

No prior experience is needed! Open your mind, embrace your colours, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and vibrant energy flow.

Limited places are available! Maximum number 10. Book today to avoid disappointment.

This workshop is perfect for anyone seeking to:

  • improve their physical and emotional well-being
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • boost their energy levels
  • deepen their self-awareness
  • connect with their inner light

Additional Information:

  • Comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • Please bring something to lie on like a yoga mat, a blanket and a pillow
  • Bring a journal and pen.
  • Light refreshments are provided.

Shop: There will be a small shop at the workshop where you can purchase dowsing pendulums and bespoke dowsing rods handmade by Jane.

Book here.

Note: This workshop is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.

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Hosted by Jane Taylor

Each workshop is led by Jane Taylor, a qualified Energy Healing Practitioner, Professional Dowser and Pluralistic Therapist with years of teaching experience. Through these workshops, Jane aims to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve optimal wellness and healing.