Access Bars® practitioner class

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22nd April 2024, 9.30am - 5.30pm
Open to all
London, SW17 9RQ

What if you could press a button and mute that voice in your head that tells you that you are not good enough or that you cannot accomplish what you dream about? There is!

Access Bars® is a one-day class that is easy to learn, no previous experience is necessary. This certified class is a great addition to expand you and your business if you are in the well-being industry (healers, coaches, therapists, yoga teachers etc).  

This class can also be a huge contribution if you are learning it for your own self-development/to support family and friends. Once you complete your training you can be part of a huge Access Bars community where you can swap sessions (gifting and receiving) on a regular basis.

The Access Bars technique is often described as creating greater awareness and transformation in various aspects of life. Many people who have experienced Access Bars sessions report feeling more relaxed, less stressed, and having an increased sense of well-being.

This dynamic modality creates new possibilities with ease to bring lightness to your life. It invites you to be kind to yourself, honour yourself and most importantly empowers you to step into your power.

A Bars® session is like resetting a computer, deleting old patterns of behaviour creating space for new ways of functioning and possibilities. It is a deeply relaxing, calming, and nurturing treatment that leaves you feeling lighter and more joyful.

Check out how Access Bars can contribute to shifting anxiety and depression.

Check out Access Bars stories of change. 

What contribution can Access Bars® bring to your life?

Access Bars® is a huge contribution if you are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, depression, other stress-related issues, low self-esteem/confidence, or lack of motivation. It is very beneficial for adults and children who have neurodiverse conditions for example; ADD, ADHD, autism, and dyspraxia.

Benefits include:

  • clarity
  • relaxation
  • increased happiness
  • self-awareness
  • connection with your body
  • better sleep
  • empowerment to take control of your life
  • less mental chatter
  • increased focus
  • a sense of lightness, creating space for insights and realisations

To register please go to Access Bars Classes — Maria Cooper Gomes.

Contact me for a free telephone discovery call. 

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Hosted by Maria Cooper-Gomes

I am an experienced Reiki Master I have been working with this energy for over 15 years, I offer training, workshops and one to one treatments for your wellbeing in SW London. My background is in the social care sector, I have excellent experience working with people with a variety of needs and I am very skilled at navigating group process.

Hosted by Maria Cooper-Gomes