Crystals for February and March: Inspiring love and new beginnings

As the darker days of winter start to give way for the first shoots of spring, it is normal for our energy and spiritual needs to change. The darker grounding crystals such as obsidian, jet and smokey quartz still have a place in your collection, however, the brighter stones such as rose quartz and clear quartz will now have a greater appeal.


How can crystals support us in the early spring?

Crystals for February

Traditionally the month of love, nature begins to wake, and creatures start the quest to attract a soulmate and the same can be said for us humans. Valentine’s Day, for many, is a reminder of who you wish to attract versus those you wish to forget. 

Rose quartz

For those of you wishing to attract love, or even friendship, rose quartz is your crystal of choice. A beautiful soft pink quartz, it is easy to care for, easy to carry around due to its durability, and can be found in a plethora of sizes, shapes and jewellery types. Its energy works with your heart chakra to alleviate any energy blockages. This can be simply done by relaxing and placing a small tumble crystal on your chest.

The energy itself is gentle, making it suitable for adults and children. It is like a warm hug when you need it the most, a comfort in your pocket during times of emotional change. Rose quartz is wonderful for inspiring self-love and appreciation within and encourages you to be kind to yourself. The energy also radiates from oneself, attracting relationships with meaning and truth. However, always remember to use your intuition and judgement when on the quest for love – they don’t call that pinky glow ‘rose-tinted glasses’ for nothing. 

Have a little fun with your rose quartz. On the next New Moon, write down the perfect friend or partner, including their personality, eye colour and so on. Include a date when you would like to meet them by, fold the piece of paper, and place it under your rose quartz crystal in a prominent place that you will see daily.

Give thanks to the moon for delivering your true friend or true love, visualising that glorious meeting taking place. If you wish to carry the energy around with you day-to-day, a small tumble will suffice. Again, give it a clear direction by holding it in your hands and speaking aloud who, or what, you would like to receive. 

Whilst I have mostly discussed the love connection of rose quartz, it is important to let you know that this incredible crystal can also support you through periods of grief, restore harmony in relationships, promote deeper inner healing and support fertility.


It is also important to note that February can be a difficult time for many. This emotional upheaval isn’t reserved for this month only, so rhodonite is a powerful crystal to keep in your collection all year.

Rhodonite is also a pink crystal, with black lines and patterns running through it. Compared to rose quartz, it is a softer stone but has medium hardiness – making it suitable for day-to-day use. Just don’t submerge this pink warrior in water as it is porous and susceptible to damage.

The energy from rhodonite is also gentle, however, it is mighty when combating a broken heart with its nurturing and supportive energy. Carrying rhodonite around will help the healing process from emotional shock and heartache and, in time, help you realise your self-worth and full potential. It will support you through the steps of healing as you grow. Another positive point is that it will attract the right success for you, so if you have lost your way a little, be prepared for some fun and good fortune as, let’s face it, you deserve it.

Crystals for March

The month when we officially welcome back spring is here! Spring Equinox celebrates the night and day being of equal length and, in turn, longer, sunnier days. It welcomes a period of fresh starts, new birth and new hope. The warming earth rises from the ground and helps energise our days as we spring into action for a new season.

Clear quartz

Traditionally the ‘master healer’ of all ailments, clear quartz is an energy amplifier. It is a hardy, water-safe crystal for everyday use, perfect for on the go or at home. Place this clear crystal with any other crystal and it will amplify their energy – think of it as a spiritual booster. It is the perfect crystal for meditation as it works with the crown chakra and the third eye, giving clarity and clear communication from your guides.

If you are having trouble visualising the next steps in your exciting future, this will clear the fog and help you manifest it all into existence. Like the rose quartz in February, write down your hopes and dreams and place this crystal on top of the paper to propel the words into the universe and start the manifestation process. 


Are you ready to let go of what no longer serves you, and trust in the power of new beginnings? Aquamarine, also a hardy crystal, will do just that! Shake off the stagnant energy from winter and embrace the protection this aqua-coloured crystal brings you as you head into the new fresh month, as well as boundless luck that will flow with you through the season.

New adventures anyone? Aquamarine will support you through periods of upheaval and change, creating a soothing serenity to help you navigate the transition with ease. This crystal is also very supportive when communication is key – carry a piece to help with any speeches, important talks or negotiations. 

There are many other crystals that can support you throughout each month, these are just a few of my favourites that have benefited my clients and customers. It is true when we say that crystals often choose us.

As you navigate the days, weeks and months, I challenge you to stand in front of your collection, or at your favourite crystal store (online or high street) and see which crystal you are drawn to. When you look up the meaning, you may be surprised to learn it is exactly the energy you need right now.

If you’d like to learn more about crystal healing, you can find a professional on Therapy Directory. Simply browse profiles until you find someone you resonate with, and send them an email.

Claire Titmus is the author of The Crystal Year (Quadrille, £15, available from 16th February 2023, online and in all good bookstores), Photography © India Hobson.

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Written by Claire Titmus
Claire Titmus is a certified Advanced Crystal Healer and the founder of The Crystal Bar, an online store dedicated to ethically sourced crystals and mystical items. Claire uses her social media channels to share daily crystal wisdom, moon knowledge and messages of the day, alongside teaching her followers about the properties and uses of different crystals.
Written by Claire Titmus
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