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More and more people are tapping into the world of Tarot, Oracle and affirmation cards, using them to guide and support them in everyday life. Each deck can be used in a different way to support your needs. Here we take a quick look into each and give you some hints and tips to get started.

Tarot cards

Tarot cards were originally developed as playing cards in the 14th century, but in the 18th century they started being used to divine the future. Today they are used for a variety of reasons, including seeking guidance and calling on our own intuition.

Each card holds its own meaning and there are four suits in each deck; traditionally, cups, pentacles, wands and swords. You can learn how to perform your own Tarot readings, or get your cards read by someone else.

Get started: If you want to start using Tarot cards, do some research to learn how to perform readings (find a book or website that explains readings in a way that makes sense to you) and practise regularly. You can perform readings on certain subjects like career or relationships, or you can ask specific questions.

Oracle cards

Rather than official layouts that can be required with Tarot, Oracle cards can be used with more flexibility. Decks are generally more simple, and people tend to pull cards to guide them in their day or with a specific question.

Like Tarot cards, each one has its own meaning, for many people however this meaning can be open to interpretation. If you like the idea of pulling cards but aren’t sure if learning Tarot is right for you, Oracle cards may be a nice way to ease yourself into the practice.

Get started: There are plenty of different types and designs of Oracle cards out there, find a pack that speaks to you. They usually come with a guide book and/or explain the meaning of the card, on the card. Some people like to pull a card in the morning to help them set an intention for the day, while others like to ask a question as and when they need guidance.

Affirmation cards

These cards have positive affirmations printed on them and are used as a prompt to encourage self-belief and positive thinking. The premise behind them is that if we practice saying positive affirmations regularly, they can help us change our self-talk.

There are many different types of affirmation cards out there, so you’re bound to find a pack that relates to you and your lifestyle.

Get started: Find a pack that feels right to you and start pulling a card a day. Advocates of affirmation cards often recommend speaking the affirmation out loud, to help your mind accept the message.

Rather than seeking outside guidance, all of these cards encourage us to tap into our own intuition. They become tools to help us do this and can form part of a beautiful routine where you dedicate time and space to yourself.

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Written by Katherine
Kat is a Content Producer for Memiah and writer for Therapy Directory and Happiful magazine.

Written by Katherine

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