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Research shows Britons are too stressed to sleep

Research shows Brits are too stressed to sleep Health officials recommend we each get at least six hours of sleep a night for good mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, according to figures published earlier this week by The Sleep Council, two out of five of us don’t get the recommended amount of sleep a night.

More worrying still, nearly half of the 5,000 British people who took part in the survey said they find it difficult to sleep because they’re too stressed or worried about something.

The Great British Bedtime Report comes just after scientists from Surrey University revealed that just one week of poor sleep can impact genes links to immunity, inflammation and stress.

Dr Chris Idzikowskim, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, believes our worsening sleeping habits could be significantly impacting our health. Lack of sleep can impact concentration and happiness levels the next day, which has a domino effect on productivity, behaviours and, eventually – a person’s physical health.

He said: “Many studies in recent years have concluded there is a higher death rate linked with less than five and a half hours sleep a night and more than nine and a half. It’s still not clear why, but deterioration in people’s thinking ability alone can occur after just one night of poor sleep.”

The survey also found that men and higher earners found it easier to sleep than women and low earners.

Stress can be caused by any number of things, from work problems to relationship issues. The best way to deal with stress and all its effects is to take time out to relax and centre your mind. Alternative therapy encourages clients to see more of a connection between the mind and body. To find out more about the different therapies available to combat stress, simply head over to Therapy Topics.

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Written by Zoe Thomas

Written by Zoe Thomas

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