Homeopathic ginger and Feverfew remedy could help to ease migraine pain

Homeopathic Ginger and Feverfew remedy could help to ease migraine painA preliminary study suggests that taking a homeopathic preparation of ginger and Feverfew could help treat the pain of a migraine.

Migraines are types of severe headaches that are often felt on one side of the head and are commonly accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light. For many they are debilitating and require strong medication to control.

A recent study has looked into alternative, homeopathic remedies for migraines – specifically the combination of ginger and Feverfew. The flowering plant Feverfew has long been thought of as a remedy for headaches and many use it as an alternative to painkillers. The study was funded by PuraMed Bioscience (which makes the homeopathic remedy) and asked migraine sufferers to try using the preparation, which contained miniscule amounts of the two plants. Patients were asked to treat themselves as soon as they recognised the signs of an approaching migraine.

The study consisted of 45 people, 15 of whom took a placebo. At the end of the study it was revealed that 63% of those taking the homeopathic remedy saw some pain relief, compared to just 39% of those taking the placebo.

The study was a small one and the results have been described as ‘interesting, but preliminary’. Due to the size of the study it is possible that those assigned to the placebo simply suffered from more severe migraines, but the study researcher Dr. Roger Cady does not think this is the case. Cady believes this remedy could be most beneficial for those who experience migraines slowly, as they have the ability to seek treatment before the headache becomes too severe.

If you want to find out more about how homeopathy could help you, take a look at our Homeopathy page.

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Written by Katherine

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