Shiatsu – a tool to use during childbirth

Shiatsu - a tool to use during childbirthComplementary therapies are being used more and more during childbirth and now Shiatsu has been revealed as another valuable tool in midwifery.

These days, births tend to revolve around machinery and clinical procedures. Many midwives are now looking to change this by exploring the use of complementary therapies during pregnancy and childbirth. Massage, aromatherapy and reflexology have been introduced as helpful tools for childbirth, and now Shiatsu is being explored as another way to keep births natural.

Shiatsu is a particular way of touching the body, akin to acupuncture but without the use of needles. The practice draws on Eastern traditions of meridians, Zen and yin/yang to promote the balance of energies. A therapy enjoyed by many, Shiatsu is now being used as a way to encourage more spiritual births. It is worth noting that the use of Shiatsu is not restricted to the birth itself; it is also beneficial to women throughout their pregnancy. A Shiatsu practitioner working with a pregnant woman can help ease many discomforts of pregnancy including nausea, backache and stress. The nature of the therapy also allows women to connect more deeply to their baby and their own body. After the birth many women choose to continue Shiatsu, using it to ease physical and emotional discomforts.

Traditionally midwives worked more with plants, herbs and with the power of touch, which can be linked to the ‘earth’ element in Eastern traditions. Some midwives feel the industry has moved too much towards the ‘metal’ element, with the introduction of machinery and metal tools. For many, Shiatsu is a way of bringing the practice of midwifery back to its ‘earth’ roots.

If you are interested in Shiatsu and how it could help you, please see our Shiatsu page.

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Written by Katherine

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Written by Katherine

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