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Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

Available for new clients
Available for new clients

This professional is available for new clients.

About us

Reiki Training for personal use or to become a professional practitioner

Reiki Training is provided for all levels, from absolute beginners to those who are ready to become teachers in their own right.

I teach Reiki on a 1 to 1 basis, unlike most teachers who run their training in groups.

I prefer to work with each student’s unique experiences, background and abilities so that I can address their individual challenges and help them to make the most of their natural aptitudes. I aim for all students to gain confidence in their healing skills and experience positive changes as a result of the training.

As an exception, I sometimes teach 2, 3 or 4 people together if they already know each other well and are able to work closely together.

I also provide full support to my students during their 21 days homework and healing practice at no extra charge.

I don't sign but I am able to teach students with deafness or hearing difficulties if they can lip read.

About your trainer

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Catalyst Life Coach, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and Holistic Therapist.

I specialise in energy healing using Reiki, Sekhem, Psychic Surgery and Theta Healing™.

I teach Reiki 1st Degree, 2nd degree and 3rd Degree/Master-Teacher level. I run classes on a regular basis and dates can be tailored to suit your schedule.

I occasionally run Meditation and Mindfulness Classes. As Reiki is based on mindfulness techniques, I am able to teach these skills to all my students to enhance their healing work as well as improve their stress management.

I also do Psychic Life Path readings and Mediumistic readings (Clairvoyance) for spiritual guidance. Channelling this information requires the same abilities as channelling healing energy. In Reiki training, we work on strengthening intuition to help identify the areas in need of healing and to sense the results.

I also provide Coaching to give greater psychological support to clients who are going through a difficult time or need a new direction in life. This often comes into play during training, as many people decide to learn Reiki with a view to bringing about changes in their life.

Please get in touch to book or find out more:   07563 687108

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 10-7 Saturday 10-5