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Sonia provides mobile reflexology in the Chafford Hundred area. Reflexology is safe and natural treatment which by using a technique of gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet or hands. Reflexology may bring about a deep state of relaxation which in turn helps stimulate the bodies own healing process. The aim of a treatment is to bring balance, harmony which helps create a sense of well-being. By stimulating the reflex points of the hands or feet can help to rebalance the physical body.

The theory underlying Reflexology is that the organs, glands, nerves and other parts of the body are connected by reflex points on the hands and feet. Therefore, the right hand and foot represent the right hand side of the body, likewise for the left hand side of the body. By stimulating these reflex points is believed to have a direct result on the related area of the body, therefore helping to create the healing process.

The benefits of Reflexology include:

  • Encourages the body to heal any current disorders
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Relieves the effects of stress
  • Relieves pain
  • Clears the body of toxins
  • Balances the endocrine, digestive, lymphatic and excretory systems
  • Improves bowel movements
  • Revitalises energy

Reflexology does not claim to cure, instead it facilitates healing and a sense of equilibrium.

Training, qualifications & experience

I graduated from the London School of Reflexology in 2009 where I received all of my training from Louise Keet, who has been described by the Mail On Sunday as "Britain’s leading Reflexology practitioner".

The training was of the highest standard, awarding me with the ABC Level 3 diploma, from the Association of Reflexologists (AoR). During the training I received additional training in hand reflexology and specialised in spinal reflexology.

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Initial consultation £60, follow on 50 minute sessions £50.

Book five sessions and receive and received a 5% discount.


Monday - Sunday appointments available 9am - 7pm

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Sonia Halliday

Sonia Halliday