Sarah Vilensky MARR MAR MFHT Registered Reproductive & Maternity Reflexology

Sarah Vilensky MARR MAR MFHT Registered Reproductive & Maternity Reflexology

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Stoke St. Michael

The Practice Rooms
24 Regent Street

01749 841801 / 07968 710964

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Stoke St. Michael

The Practice Rooms
24 Regent Street

01749 841801 / 07968 710964

About me

Hello and Welcome to my page. I am a fully qualified and registered Reproductive & Maternity Reflexologist and Complementary Healthcare Practitioner. Below are my areas of practice for which I am fully insured:

REPRODUCTIVE REFLEXOLOGY: There are many facets to providing this therapy to our clients. A sensitive approach is hugely important as not only are there physical reasons for fertility issues, but also emotional, psychological and stress factors to be considered that may have become an obstacle to a couple's ability to conceive naturally.   Whilst it is very much hoped that we are able to work effectively together, there is no guarantee that Reproductive Reflexology will work for you and that we will not need to look at other avenues of support for you. What I can assure you is that I will be honest with you and provide you with the best service I can, even if that means referring you on for medical assistance.

The Initial Consultation is a confidential 90 minute appointment. You will be provided with a Reproductive Questionnaire for completion and return prior to your initial consultation so that I can acquaint myself with your individual situation. This can be done via e-mail or post.

The first part of the appointment involves information gathering about both partners, including:

  • Looking at your completed Reproductive Questionnaire, baseline blood / hormone / other tests and results
  • Medical health and history
  • Fertility health and history
  • Sexual health and history
  • Psychological & emotional issues
  • Medication
  • Lifestyle
  • Work and it's environment, e.g. whether either of you are exposed to chemicals, extremes in temperatures, long working hours and travel distance, including regular flying, whether you take your work home with you
  • Work and home stress factors and how these can best be addressed
  • Diet and fluid intake and looking at how these can be improved to make a difference
  • Supplements - taking the correct ones can make a difference
  • Alcohol consumption and recreational drug use
  • Exercise - over-exercise is not recommended

The second part of the Initial Consultation involves:

  • Reproductive Assessment to the feet
  • An opportunity for you to ask questions
  • Advice and Recommendations
  • Referrals
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Treatment Planning
  • Client Information Pack for you to take home

The purpose of the initial consultation and assessment helps us to decide how we can best work together and treat safely and appropriately with the aim of improving / managing general and fertility health, correcting anomalies detected. This may involve some research into your individual situation in order to provide you with the best possible care.

  • For Females: examples of anomalies in your menstrual cycle include an irregular cycle pattern, irregular periods, spotting, abnormally heavy bleeds, clotting, absence of bleeds, cervical mucous anomalies (e.g. absence of fertile mucous leading up to ovulation while still in the follicular phase of your menstrual cycle which starts from Day 1, which is the first day of clear start of bleed leading up to the day of ovulation). If there are defects in relation to ovulation, we need to find out whether you are producing enough of the ovarian hormone oestrogen. Without enough oestrogen during this phase of your cycle, your own body indicators may be absent or difficult to read (including mood change, appetite change, cervical mucous change, libido) and without the the right environment, this will affect the development of follicles. Days post ovulation (DPO) represent the second part of the menstrual cycle, known as the luteal phase, when another ovarian hormone called progesterone should be rising with your basal body temperature (BBT), providing a nurturing environment for a possible implantation.   Defects in the luteal phase of your cycle may inhibit the ability for progesterone to be at the correct level to maintain the necessary temperature and thickness within the endometrium in order to sustain a pregnancy. Some defects typically involved during this part of the cycle are that this part of the cycle is too short (under ten days), there is occurrence of spotting before the clear start of your next bleed, indicating low progesterone. To test progesterone levels, it is important the blood test is carried out seven days post ovulation. Other examples of female issues are conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, among many others. We apply specific protocols and techniques to treat anomalies and conditions like those mentioned.
  • A very useful information gathering tool is to chart your Menstrual Cycles (basal body temperature charting): We suggest charting your menstrual cycles for three cycles (or three consecutive months, if cycles are absent or irregular) in order to gather information about them. Visit to get started.   You can download the App straight to your smartphone and you are given short daily lessons on how it all works. This tool helps us to see where you are in terms of your cycle patterns at the commencement of Reproductive Reflexology and to see how the treatment is affecting them by the end of the third cycle.
  • For Males: We aim to improve sperm health if anomalies are found and it is possible to help with Reproductive Reflexology. If your baseline sperm analysis indicates poor results, we may refer you for certain additional more in-depth testing and/or referral to a suitable Andrologist (male fertility expert) where the sperm will be examined in greater detail to detect which part of the sperm contains a defect. However, it is important to be aware that any sperm analysis carried out only reflects the health of sperm as they were approximately 90 days / three months prior to testing. Therefore, if something traumatic occurred in your life around the time of testing, or shortly before, this may well skew the results. Where anomalies are detected, we recommend eight weekly treatments and then a retest to see if the treatment is having a positive effect and in the case of a previous trauma as mentioned above, a retest is also advised following that timescale to see if the health of the sperm has recovered post treatment. Many other male conditions are reasonably treatable, including prostatitis, varicocele, hydrocele.
  • Infection: If an infection is diagnosed by your GP or sexual health clinic, such as an STI (Chlamydia) or UTI (e.g. cystitis), it is important you receive medical attention immediately to clear the infection as this could affect your fertility health.
  • High levels of stress: It is widely believed that very high levels of stress do affect hormonal health and therefore can be a contributing factor in sub-fertility. In addition to treatment, we recommend a variety of self help options, which are included in our Client Information Pack.
  • The Reproductive Reflexology protocols and techniques vary for women at different times of your menstrual cycles and are applied in accordance with where you are in your cycle as well as during specific times of your medicated cycles if that is what you are experiencing. Reproductive Reflexology supports women and men to enhance your natural fertility, to help manage emotions and stress and also is able to support you to enhance conventional treatments, supporting the efficacy of drug treatments such as Clomid, with fully medicated cycles of IUI, IVF, ICSI as well as with Donor eggs.
  • Assisted Conception: If you are under the care of a medical team or fertility clinic, it is recommended you inform them of your intention to appoint a Reproductive Reflexologist and if we are treating you to support your medicated cycle, it is essential we have a copy of the protocol provided to you by your medical caregiver so that we work correctly with you. With your permission, I like to write to them and provide them with information about how we work alongside medicated protocols so that both you and they can be assured of the specialist training and understanding we have through Seren Natural Fertility Post-GraduateTraining (Barbara Scott) so that clients and medical caregivers alike can be confident we do nothing to contraindicate the medical protocols. However if at any time your medical caregiver requests that we stop Reproductive Reflexology, we will need to cease treatment until such time as your medical caregiver is content for it to continue.
  • The Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) - All ARR Members are Seren trained: Full information is available about us at the ARR at The ARR provides it's growing number of Members with CPD, including Annual General Meeting of the Board and Members, which includes lectures by expert speakers from various backgrounds, bi-annual lecture days, annual master classes, other events such as Member retreats, to ensure we are all up to date with our CPD, reproductive health knowledge, theory, skills, practice and experience in relation to the therapy we provide. The ARR Board meets every fortnight via Skype to discuss a variety of issues rising and meet once a year for a face to face in advance of the AGM in April.

MATERNITY REFLEXOLOGY: Maternity Reflexology (I was taught by Senior Midwife, Susanne Enzer (now retired) of Soul to Sole Reflexology) is offered to support clients throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy, applying specialist techniques which may help alleviate minor ailments in pregnancy, helping you to enjoy your pregnancy experience, improve mood, energy and sleep and connection with your baby.

The Initial Consultation: Please note your initial appointment will be a confidential 90 minute appointment which includes taking a full pregnancy history as well as looking at your current pregnancy, medical health history, current health and lifestyle. This ensures you and your baby are treated safely and effectively throughout each trimester.

Follow-up Consultations and Appointments: You may find as your pregnancy progresses that you experience changes in your moods, sleep patterns as well as varying minor ailments typical in pregnancy and therefore it is important each time you visit the clinic, that a short follow-up consultation takes place prior to your treatment so that we can maximise its benefits. This also means that should the need arise, I am able to refer you back to your midwife/obstetric caregiver or GP if there is something that may require urgent medical attention.

  • LABOUR, & BIRTHING: Services include labour priming (specific Maternity Reflexology & Acupressure techniques are applied to help expedite labour if you go post term - Please Note: Whilst there is no guarantee this will work for you, clients report that it helps them to relax, sleep well and prepare them for what is to come. It has been my experience that the majority of clients requiring this treatment do commence labour naturally, often within a few hours. I also offer support throughout labour and birthing which, to guarantee my attendance any date two weeks either side of your EDD, will require prebooking plus 50% deposit at 20 weeks gestation. I attend home and hospital births. It is recommended that your obstetric caregivers are aware of your intention to appoint a Maternity Reflexologist during your pregnancy and/or labour and birthing. They are most welcome to liaise with me should they wish. With your permission, I will usually write to your midwife/obstetrician to introduce myself and provide information about what we do. For further information please visit or look up Susanne Enzer.
  • POSTNATAL & NEWBORN BABY CARE: Maternity Reflexology can continue to support the new family during this time of new pastures and change including alleviating mother and baby symptoms e.g. Postnatal conditions such as breastfeeding issues, mild postnatal depression, fatigue, stress as well as a variety of baby conditions e.g. Colic, under or overactive babies, etc.
  • If you feel you would like to pick up some useful tips when treating your baby, I also teach new parents some simple very short, gentle and safe parent to baby reflexology techniques so that parents and babies can benefit and enjoy the new experience and connection together.
  • HOME VISITS are available during the last trimester of pregnancy and postnatal and are offered under other circumstances when required.

Certain techniques practised in the above therapies may also assist women experiencing PMT/PMS & menopausal symptoms & men and women experiencing other hormonal issues, e.g. Thyroid imbalances.


ALL CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: Prior to commencing any of the above treatments, a confidential medical health & lifestyle consultation will need to take place which will increase your initial appointment time by up to half an hour. Future appointments will include a shorter follow-up consultation. This is to ensure your safety and wellbeing is optimised, as well as giving us the opportunity of creating / adjusting a treatment plan that is always tailored to suit your individual needs.

There may be occasions when referrals to other specialists/therapies etc may be necessary or helpful for you. We can discuss this should the need arise. They include specialist counselling and nutritional support.

IMPORTANT: Please also note that the above therapies aim to improve and/or manage health issues you may be experiencing. We never advise you to stop taking prescribed medication or cease medical treatment. The therapies listed above serve to complement and are not intended to replace any medical treatment you are receiving. If you do wish to make any alterations to your medical support, medication and/or treatments, we advise you to make an appointment to see your GP to discuss this first. Your GP and/or other specialist is welcome to contact me so that I can provide information about my therapeutic provision and how it is intended to work alongside medical care.

Thank you for visiting my page. If you have any questions or you wish to contact me to book an appointment, I would be very happy to hear from you. My contact details are listed above. I will do my best to contact you as quickly as I can. Full details of my Practice can be found by visiting my website

Warm wishes,
Sarah Vilensky

Training, qualifications & experience

  • Seren Natural Fertility (Barbara Scott) Reproductive Reflexology Parts 1 & 2, fully qualified and registered
  • Association of Reproductive Reflexologists (ARR) Board Member
  • Soul to Sole (Susanne Enzer) Maternity Reflexology Parts 1 & 2, fully qualified and registered; Practitioner No 1165
  • Association of Reflexologists (AoR) Full Member No 23543
  • Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) Full Member No 82295
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) Registrant No 000092-C11
  • Vocational Training & Charitable Trust (VTCT) Registration No 377615
  • Other Advanced Diplomas: Body Massage, Indian Head Massage (Ayurvedic Marma Point Champissage), FHT Clinical Diploma (Understanding the Healthcare Environment for Providers of Complementary Therapies)

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Other available therapies



Guide of fees (hourly basis)

  • INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (Ayurvedic - Marma points) £55 (75 mins)
  • REIKI £40
  • CHILDREN under 16 years old must have the permission of parent or guardian to attend the clinic (Consultation forms (medical & lifestyle history) must be countersigned by parent/guardian on behalf of the child prior to treatment.
  • CHILDREN under 14 years old must be accompanied by parent/guardian
  • FEES: CHILDREN under 14 years old will be charged at a lesser rate depending on requirements.
  • SPECIAL OFFER (Somerset/Bristol/Bath area) *Buy 5 in advance get 6th treatment free (use within 6 months of initial payment) (*Bushey/London: 6th treatment half price)
  • Sessions may be increased or decreased to suit (fees will increase/decrease accordingly)
  • FEES FOR LABOUR & BIRTHING: As these will vary depending on travel time, fees for this service will be agreed at time of booking.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: Somerset/Bristol/Bath Clinics: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required if you need to cancel or change your appointment. The Bushey Practice (Osteoclinics): A minimum of 72 hours notice is required if you need to cancel or change your appointment. If the required notice is not given, the fee for the appointment will be charged. Thank you.

Further information

For full information about my Practice, please visit my website or feel free to contact me via email or the telephone numbers listed below:

  • Tel 01749 841801
  • Mobile 07968 710964
  • ARR Website:

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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Strictly by appointment please:Clinic times Mon-Fri: Somerset/Bristol/Bath 9am-6pm (eve & alternate Saturdays); Bushey, Herts (London):Alternate weekends only Friday 9am-6pm; Sat-Sun 9am-4pm