Rosie O Driscoll M.N.H.I.I. and B.C.M.A. Reg.

Rosie O Driscoll  M.N.H.I.I. and B.C.M.A. Reg.

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About me

I am a qualified holistic massage therapist.  Specializing  in Reflexology Feet, Reflexology Hands. Hotstone Reflexology.  Mindful Reflexology, supporting stress anxiety and depression. Reflexology supporting Conception & Maternity. Indian Head Massage, Aroma Touch Technique & yoga Nidra.

I use CPTG doTerra oils no chemicals or herbicides within these oils. doTerra oils can be applied Aromatically, topically and Internal within Capsules or added to some water or simply diffused to set off a wonderful aroma in your space.


Reflexology is a specific massage on the feet and hands, which has a beneficial stimulating effect on the whole of the body. We have 72,000 nerve endings in our feet and hands, which reflect the whole of the body systems. The ideal therapy for the digestive system, hormonal and stress related problems; however, it benefits all body systems.

Mindful Reflexology supporting stress, anxiety and depression

If you are frozen by stress, anxiety or depression. Mindful Reflexology can help you change your story. Life events can be challenging and can sometimes bring us to a place were we struggle to see the clear road ahead.

Reflexology Supporting Conception

Empowering your unique journey through reflexology for a natural approach to conception. The relaxation & relief from stress & tension that reflexology offers,  is able to support the changes in the body & provide some relaxing time out to recharge rebalance allowing positive energy to flow within your body!!!Visualize with LOve, where you want to be. Not where you are!!Let your conception journey unfold with positive thoughts and actions.

Reflexology Supporting Maternity

Another huge empowering emotional roller coaster journey through life!Reflexology offers many benefits to enable you to tune into.   For a natural top up to health & wellbeing through pregnancy.  Linking each trimester allowing the LOve of life to ebb and flow with joy.
I have completed further studies with Sally Earlam in these areas & have a deeper understanding of what is to unfold.I am open to accepting all forms of abundance the universe has to offer with LOve  looking forward to connecting with you on your journey through conception & maternity!

Indian Head Massage

A lovely technique founded in India, which is based on the ancient systems of medicine known as Ayurveda. By massaging the upper back, neck, head, face ears arms and hands. It is known to reduce insomnia, migraines, stress, vertigo, anxiety, tinnitus allowing efficient blood and lymph circulation, ensuring a fresh supply off oxygen and nutrients by elimination of toxic residues.

Aroma Touch Technique

Works to restore homeostasis and minimise the impact of these 4 factors, stress, autonomic imbalance toxic insults and inflammatory response, which impede on our overall health. It is a wonderful relaxing technique using light touch and (CPTG) certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. These oils carry no chemicals or herbicides.


There is really no contraindications for treating with Reiki.

Reiki works with the endocrine system and regulates hormone balance in the body and metabolism. On an energetic level, the endorcrine glands correspond to and interrelate with the "chakras" in the energy body.

There are seven main chakras. Each of these chakras is a vital energy centre in the body that serves to receive, transmute, and organize the subtle energies of the cosmic life force.

This life force is in all living things. It is chi, Prana, ki.

This powerful natural energy is available  to all of us. We are born with it, it flows through us and sustains our lives every day. It is this energy that we draw on in the course of our daily activities. And if our lives were perfectly in balance, it would be naturally replenished through our interactions with others in a loving environment and rest and relaxation, natural foods. Of course our lives are not perfectly in balance, and that is where the power of Reiki can be of help.


Physical effects: Reduces muscular tension. Lifts headaches.  Soothes stomach aches. Balances energies. Relieves fatigue.  Strengthens natural self healing.

Emotional and mental effects: Promotes calm and well-being. Relaxes body and mind. Relieves stress. Enhances creativity. Promotes a peaceful, positive outlook. Soothes dis ease within the body.

Training, qualifications & experience

My initial qualifications I gained whilst living in Ireland.

When I came to reside in the UK I opened up to further training of reflexology with the wonderful Sally Earlam. I have had continuous personal development in Conception Maternity, hand and Hot-stone reflexology and reiki healing.

My experiences along with doing the courses was to provide case studies to help me gain more knowledge and experience also to open up my mind as to what is happening in the world of reflexology.

My Reiki training was with the wonderful Punam, who is a Reiki master.

I have had many wonderful experiences working with such a variety of clients, babies with insomnia, teenagers with anxiety adults female going through the menopause, adult male with muscle tension etc.  Bringing an array of different ailments for me to work on and gaining such remarkable results.

I have been working and sharing in this field since 2008 and will continue to provide a holistic well-being approach to all my new an regular clients.

Therapies offered

        Other available therapies

        aromaTouch Technique.

        Indian Head Massage.

        Reiki healing


        Initial treatment is 1hour to take a consultation.

        All treatments are £45 for 45 minutes.

        For Indian head massage, Reflexology Feet, Reflexology Hands & Mindful Reflexology supporting stress, anxiety and depression, Hot-stone reflexology, Reflexology supporting conception & maternity Aroma Touch Technique. Reiki healing.

        Your choice-have a 45 min treatment  or block booking any 5 treatments and getting 6th FREE (either keep it for yourself or give it as a gift)

        I have clients who block book and share 3 treatments each. Pamper day.  Treatments to be taken on the same day.

        Birthday & Referral Discounts ONLY £35.

        OAP £35

        All TASTER SESSIONS ( ANY TREATMENT)   £20 = 20 minutes.

        Quote your offer interest, when making contact.

        Payment required in full to secure your treatment date/Time

        Well-being days are so exciting!! I offer these by attending your work place, (treatments can be for staff or residents). In hospital, care homes and in your own home for those special pampering birthday anniversary all special occasions.

        Have a gathering of 10/15 people.  £20 for a 20 minute massage for each person.

        Call txt, email Rosie for more information on how to get started.

        looking forward to connecting with you!!

        Further information

        All the above treatments reflect on all your body system/organs. There is not an ailment or die-ease in the body that can not be worked on.  Treatments encourage the chi to flow in your body gaining energy, to get rid of toxins, lactic acid and bring your mind Body and Soul into balance.

        I encourage clients to visit me, work alongside me and together we will dilute and ease any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.

        Coeliac Disease.

        Reflexology in conjunction with a gluten free diet is an effective way of treating ceoliac disease. A course of treatment is advisable to start with , then, the occasional treatment as you feel the need to maintain good health. Reflexology is effective in reducing stress and balancing the body enabling it to heal itself.

        Guidance on Treatments

        Booking one treatment you will feel the benefit of this.

        However, when we block book treatments this enables the body to have a continuous flow of attention helping to break down and ease stress anxiety tension or any dis-ease you may be experiencing within your body.

        When the block booked sessions are complete then it would be what we call "maintenance treatments".  At least once a week or every two weeks depending on your financial and time frame. This is advised to help keep the body in optimum health.

        Always hydrate +++ pre and post treatments. Pre treatment helps your body have the energy to take on the treatment. Post treatment this helps ground you, also helps flush toxins from the body. Helps Prevent headaches and gives your energy levels a boost.

        After a treatment have some quiet time, relax, sleep if needs be, try not to take on anything to energetic allowing the treatment to work its way through the body systems.

        How fast the oils work

        I work with DoTerra oils.

        22 seconds the molecules reach the brain.

        2 minutes they will be found in the bloodstream.

        20 minutes they will affect every cell in your body.

        DoTerra oils can be used aromatically, topically or taken internally. Used in food or drinks eg smoothies etc.

        Any questions pop to mind with regards to my treatments or the oils in which I use, don't hesitate to contact me.


        Important information

        If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

        Maps & Directions

        Croydon, CR0

        Practical details

        Sign language: Unspecified
        Other languages: None


        Wheelchair access: Unspecified


        Mon Wed Sat from 10 am 8 pm. Other days considered. Email, txt, phone & we can arrange a suitable time for you. I provide mobile visits to your home/workplace/care homes/schools.