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About me

I discovered EFT around 2009 when I lived in Italy and saw for myself evidence of its benefits. Until 2011, I practised and developed my abilities in this extraordinary therapy as a sideline, then determined to become a practitioner, which I did with AAMET. I hold one-to-one sessions person and also have found the medium of Skype to be a liberating experience that allows one to be available and effective without geographical barriers!
I have recently started regular Workshops/Tapping Circles in Eastbourne and am planning to start in other locations in East Sussex.

"I had a very powerful EFT session with Nicholas Granby. Starting from a simple “I am not good enough”, he was able to take me to the root cause of this belief and to make me discover a major and painful blockage coming from very early in my childhood and that was still affecting me when we did the session.He guided me to release the pain and a lot of emotions associated to it. I even cried, which is not usual for me. I felt so much lighter and happier after the session.
Thanks a lot Nicholas. Yveline T., London"

"For more than 20 years I suffered from an allergy to grasses and some plants,(Graminaceous) like Allergic Rhinitis and Hayfever. I tried all the antihistamines, vaccines and natural cures but only with momentary relief. Only a person who is allergic can understand the discomfort of the symptoms: Prickling and burning eyes, an irritated and running nose, a sore throat, and continuous sneezing. I accepted the invitation from Nicholas to try the technique of EFT. During the first session of around 30 minutes, to my amazement, I seemed to feel a bit better: I did not have a sore throat and my eyes felt less irritated. I had a further two 30 minute sessions with Nicholas and now I have no more allergy, and it does not seem to be true! It is incredible how a simple technique can help people to become better again. About two months have passed now, and I am still fine and well.
Thank you Nicholas," Simona, Milan, Italy. May 30 2014

I have also trained managers of multi-nationals to improve their Presentation and Meeting skills, Problem-Solving, Decision-Making etc., I coached in Personal Development at Manager level and also qualified as a Certified Life Coach.

Training, qualifications & experience

EFT Practitioner AAMET Level 2

Certified Life Coach: American University of NLP

Member organisations

EFT International

EFT International

EFT International (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a not for profit organisation, commited to promoting and maintaining high professional standards within Emotional Freedom Techniques. All practitioners listed on the website hold appropriate insurance cover and have agreed to abide by the associations Code of Conduct and Ethics. In addition, members are also required to carry out an annual minimum number of Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Therapies offered

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Additional information

Generally £40 per session, not longer than 2.0 hours. If using Skype, I give half-an-hour free to decide if you want to proceed, understand what EFT involves etc.


weekdays, weekends.

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

East Sussex

Type of session

In person

Languages offered

Italian, French.