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Liz Parker

Future Business Centre
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Future Business Centre
Kings Hedges Road

07933 151 828

About me

As a therapist and a coach I work alongside students, supporting and enabling them within their lives. By helping students to harness their strengths they can learn the skills to manage stress strategically and achieve their full potential. With a free half hour consultation we can explore how academic performance coaching can help you.

Performance coaching is a combination of practical strategies and psychological therapy. My approach is evidence-based, therapeutic, strategic and most importantly - collaborative. It is often helpful for students to access support away from their place of study. By offering a safe, confidential service with no waiting times, students quickly begin to understand themselves and make better use of their strengths and personal resources. This combination of performance coaching and therapy enables students to successfully meet the challenges of academic life.

Coaching and mentoring can easily be adapted into a therapeutic intervention if needed, during difficult phases and be adjusted back into goal setting and skills development for performance when resilience is re-established.

While I offer a six session package of support, I also offer individual sessions. Each package is designed around your particular situation, your needs and the goals you wish to achieve. Six sessions allows time for you to understand yourself in a context, reflect on the challenges of your situation and to try out new strategies to find what works best for you. It also provides the opportunity to experience having the support of a mentor and coach alongside you while you go through different stages of your academic process.

Academic life is a demanding journey and I offer a staged approach to managing the accelerated levels of change involved. This will help you to robustly achieve your peak performance when you most need to. Having your experience validated is very important to releasing your confidence and your inner resources. Collaborative thinking is highly empowering. Combine this with effective skills to help you improve your performance and you can build up your resilience and decrease any stressful feelings of being overwhelmed.

Training, qualifications & experience

Experience and Qualifications

As an Occupational Therapist, I hold a BSC Degree and am a qualified clinician. Occupational Therapists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and I am a member of the College of Occupational Therapists. To maintain professional registration Occupational Therapists must abide by the professional Code of Ethics, maintain regular supervision and demonstrate continuing professional development.

I have ten years working with young people with mental health issues within the NHS in both acute hospital settings and within the community. My expertise in specifically supporting students developed over the last six years, working locally in Cambridgeshire within a community mental health team. I provided support to students, their families and parents, to tutors and other health professionals within education. This support included advocating on behalf of students, writing reports and applying for extra support and also offering training to student and staff groups on mental health issues and how to support each other.

The role of a performance coach fits well with my training. It means that students can have practical academic support, whilst also having therapeutic support for any underlying issues. These might include managing stress and anxiety, depression, paranoia, anger, eating issues and self-harm. These types of issues are very common in young people under stress. It is important that you find somewhere safe to begin to understand what is happening for you and to develop strategies for coping quickly.

Member organisations

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Therapies offered


All packages can be paid in instalments

1. Term Support Programme: £390

This is a series of six sessions which can be spaced out throughout your term in whatever way feels most helpful to you. Some students choose to front load these sessions giving more time for mentoring early in the term to build up skills fast.

2. Exam Support Programme: £260

This support programme is flexible so that it fits around your needs. It comprises four hours of support designed in a way that works for you.
The focus is to help you manage the stresses of exams, and pace your efforts so that you peak when you need to. These four hours are designed not to intrude on your study schedule and can be used in a variety of ways:

3. Stress Reduction Programme: £390

This is a series of six one-hour sessions designed to help students who are particularly feeling the effects of stress in their lives or are aware that they are experiencing difficulties in their well being generally.

These sessions have less of an academic focus and tend to explore your general lifestyle and coping strategies. We use App's available for iPhones and smart phones to help you keep on track. We explore effective sleep routines and look at quick and easy stress reduction techniques. We also look at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours and whether they are supportive for you in general.

4. Ad-hoc Sessions: £75 per hour

These one-hour sessions are essentially designed to support you after you have used the programmes.

By this time we will have a clear sense of what you are working on, and we will have developed a good working relationship together. This means that these sessions can quickly focus in on specific ways to improve your performance and your life. Some students use one-off sessions to keep the relationship with us current, and then come back for a more intensive exam package at the end of the year.

Further information

Further Information

I meet students within their lives, in café’s, colleges or in a therapy room if that feels most comfortable for you. It is important that this is a neutral space in which you feel relaxed and at ease.

Unlike other types of counselling, Occupational Therapists also provide practical support. This means that if you are having difficulties organising your course work or perhaps arranging your room so that you can work effectively within it and switch off when you need to, I can work alongside you to help you make these changes happen. Help with these practical issues can make all the difference when combined with therapeutic support.

Mentoring for success

The mentoring we offer is based upon a shared willingness to explore different aspects of the academic experience and to problem solve best practice and solutions collaboratively. We help students to identify their strengths and to transfer these skills into other areas which they wish to develop.

Within clinical and business settings this type of support is considered essential for professionals, and is the acknowledged approach to personal Development under stress.

We believe that the academic experience mirrors these settings.

In an increasingly competitive academic environment, maintaining robust health and a positive attitude can be a major challenge. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the achievements of others, and to lose sight of our own personal strengths, resources and efforts.

It is this robust, relaxed and resilient state of health that we aim to achieve with students, creating the foundation for success.

We understand that planning a manageable timetable, in which rest and leisure have a full and guilt free space, is essential to achieving a sustained and high level of academic performance.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

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