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Treasure Ayurveda - Lara Sinha

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Treasure Ayurveda
1st Floor, Synergy House
24c High Street
KT15 1TN

01932 856541 / 07521 129359

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Treasure Ayurveda
1st Floor, Synergy House
24c High Street
KT15 1TN

01932 856541 / 07521 129359

About me

Lara Sinha is a qualified Ayurvedic Consultant trained at the Ayurvedic Institute UK and is a registered professional member of the AAPUK (Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners).  She is available at her clinic in Surrey for Ayurvedic consultations, as well as therapy treatments including Marma Massage and Shirodhara treatment.

Her passion for Ayurveda and alternative medicine research first began whilst being engaged with various medical projects in India and this is where she gained her initial experience.  She has a vast practical knowledge having worked in clinical consultation both in East and the West. She has also spent time volunteering for the Multi-Cultural Buddhist Centre in West London as prior to opening the clinic she was employed by the Alternative Healthcare Centre in West Sussex as Ayurvedic Consultant & Therapist.

Before discovering Ayurveda, she had worked in the import/export business within the Herbal Products industry and holds a Diploma in Business Studies. During her time in the corporate world, she had worked as an Advertising Executive.

Her own personal ethos is not just only to help those with any specific disorder, but also to achieve an optimum mental & spiritual health for all, by providing a solid emotional support base for those who require it.

By truly embracing her love for Ayurveda, the unique philosophy and way of life, she encourages those to find their own fulfillment & success, as well as their improved health & happiness.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is successful in alleviating a wide range of conditions, including digestion problems, allergies & skin conditions, menopausal & menstrual symptoms, migraines & headaches, sinus problems, weight management, low mood and libido, infertility, stress and anxiety, sleep disturbance, nerve/joint & muscle pain. It is also a beneficial treatment for mental/emotional health difficulties. It provides a complete mental & physical support system for the patient.

Through a personal one-to-one consultation, Lara will devise your individual Ayurvedic treatment program, which will include diet, lifestyle, herbs and therapy treatments.  Your massage treatments will normally be carried out by one of our Ayurvedic therapists or Lara sometimes does the treatments herself.

About your Consultation

An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour and employs the eight-fold method of Ayurvedic diagnosis including pulse and tongue reading.  It also includes extensive discussion of a person's medical & life history and current lifestyle, so please be prepared to talk about yourself !  Your individual Doshic constitution (pakruti) and Doshic mbalance (vikruti) will be determined at this consultation along with the causative factor (nidhana).

During your consultation a treatment/healing program will be discussed detailing correct nutrition, and how these changes can be incorporated into your lifestyle.  Follow-up appointments are advised after 2/3 weeks. The length and type of treatment depends on the stage of the imbalance/disorder.  Different levels of support are required to maintain the individual's healing during the course of treatment.  This will be discussed with the patient at the initial appointment and any questions regarding ongoing treatment and therapies(massage treatments etc)  will be explained.


“When i first came here i was not sleeping hardly at all, i had been suffering from a nervous & anxiety depressive disorder and it was affecting my work. After completing the 6 weeks treatment course, i can honestly say i am having more confidence and sleeping a lot better and feeling happier overall.  Thanks a lot for your help".

Rahul, I.T Consultant - Reading, Berkshire

"I had a problem with my right knee and being as i do a lot of manual work it was really affecting me.  I had previously been referred to a Rheumatologist at the hospital and they said it was a type of "reactive arthritis" ,they couldn't really do anything for me apart from put me on a lot of medications which hadn't really made any difference.  They said i just had to live with it and be on the medication for the rest of my life !  My sister had recommended me to go for Ayurvedic treatment.  I was put on a specific diet plus some herbal medicine followed by some oil therapy treatments to my knees and left arm which was also hurting. I felt a lot of improvement in mobility after about 3/4 weeks and the swelling had gone down.  The pain in my arm started to improve too after the massage treatment.  Thank you for your patience and kindness".

Mihaly, Garden Design Services - Slough, Berkshire

“I had been suffering with heavy periods and feeling very lethargic for a long time due to low iron levels.  Lara started me on some herbs immediately along with a recommended diet, within a week or so i was feeling the difference in myself.  I continued the treatment which was another set of herbs, and can say that the pain has been reduced as well as the heaviness of the periods.    My digestion has improved and so has my appetite and i have even lost some weight ! Feeling so much more positive about the future ! ”

Sobhian, Government Office Worker - West Sussex

“I came to Lara two months back in total confusion with my mind and body. She is extremely kind, warm and non-judgemental and directed to me the right treatment. Few diet and lifestyle changes along with the herbs and therapy sessions has made my life so much better. (I have issues related to anxiety). Her therapy sessions especially 'Shirodhara' has proved to be extremely beneficial for me. I feel I have control of my anxiety at the moment. I have better energy and better digestion too.  I really clicked well with Lara. I feel it's very important to have a good rapport with your therapist as well. I have had six sessions and am planning to continue with ad-hoc sessions. I would highly recommend Lara's sessions“

Sri V., Housewife - Reading,  Berkshire.

"I had been plagued by recurrent UTIs and had had to take many courses of antibiotics.  This disorder was the pain and disturbance in my life !  It really got me down.  I didn't understand  why it kept happening or what i could do to prevent it. Cranberry juice had no effect , neither did any other over-the-counter remedies, antibiotics even were not working any longer !  I was desparate to get some relief from this awful problem which had plagued me.  The treatment was started the same day, in fact she gave me some herbal powders and a special tea at the appointment and told me to wait there for a while (I was having an acute attack that day).  I can honestly say that the symptoms started alleviating a bit fairly quickly and within an hour i felt okay to drive home.  I continued the treatment over the next few weeks with amazing results".

Lianne, Retirement Home Director- Farnham, Surrey 

“I came to this place to try some treatment for my menopausal symptoms.  I had been suffering from dreadful hot flushes for a long time, plus mood swings & insomnia.  I was stressed with my job and my personal life had hit a crisis.  I was taking HRT (which had appeared to stop working for me anyway).  The GP was not very helpful with my symptoms (they haven't got time to be honest) and just wanted me to keep on the HRT, but having read about the long-term side effects, I wasn't keen.  I really hoped to find an alternative and that is when i discovered Lara who was recommended through a friend of a friend. After beginning treatment, which began first with some diet changes and a simple tea, i started getting relief from the hot flushes which of course eased the restlessness and enabled me to sleep a lot better & more able to cope with everything life was throwing at me !  I can honestly say the six weeks therapy treatment helped me tremendously and now i am drug-free !  Thanks so much for giving me the encouragement and helping to improving my life and my health. It's really worth giving Ayurveda a go for these type of things”.

Barbara, Corporate Finance Director - Slough, Berkshire

“Since the last few years i had been experiencing bad migraine attacks along with vertigo.  I have always been prone to these, but they had worsened due to some reason.  I came hoping to get some treatment.  I was given a warm oil procedure 3 times a week .  Slowly the attacks were occurring less and less and now if i can generally avoid the "trigger" factors to prevent one coming on.  I am still taking the herbal powder remedies as and when i need !   Very grateful for the advice and for the wonderful massage treatments.  Lara is very patient, understanding and takes time to go through everything with you without you feeling rushed or pushed out - a refreshing change from my GP !

Elisabeth, Creative Producer - Guildford, Surrey

“I was in pain emotionally and physically. My business had suffered and one of the customer went into liquidation. I was so stressed and then I came across on Facebook and read the article on the Ayurvedic practice and thought to get in touch. I was first reluctant because it was very far from where I live. It was best decision I ever made. Helped me personally and the business. Lara is great! Very kind and willing to hear and understand the issues.Helped me with weight loss too. Recommended very highly“

Yogi, Vegan Food Products Company - North London

"I came to see Lara a few months ago as i had a problem with my skin, Rosacea from the menopause.  I had managed to reduce my skin redness but my skin was not clearing up until I saw Lara.  She has been really helpful and caring, after talking about the diet she recommended to take an Ayurvedic herb and after 3 months my skin has completely cleared.  I'm feeling great and confident again".

Merci Lara !!"  Catherine -  Brighton

Training, qualifications & experience

Professional Qualifications :

  • DipALNC Level 1(Ayurveda) The Ayurvedic Institute UK
  • DipDAPC Level 2(Ayurveda) The Ayurvedic Institute UK
  • Cert. Ayurvedic Therapist (London) FHT
  • Marma Therapy, Shirodhara Therapy Cert.(London) CMA
    Intermediate Pulse & Tongue Diagnosis Cert. (London) CMA
  • LCCPSC (London Chamber of Commerce)

Training :

The Ayurvedic Institute, UK 2015 to date (2018)
Ayurvedapura Academy (London)  2013/2014 

Further CPD Seminar/Training  CAMAS Society & College of Ayurveda UK

  • Ayurvedic Concept & Management of Oncological Pain & Post Therapy treatment
  • Ayurvedic View of Dermatology
  • Ayurvedic Perspective of Mental Healthcare in the West & Common remedies for problems of the Elderly in the West
  • Ayurvedic approach towards patients on pharmaceutical medication

Practical/Clinical Work Experience

  • The Alternative Healthcare, West Sussex
  • Athula Dassana Multi-Culturel Buddhist Community, West London
  • Foundation of Mahanaya Buddhist Tradition (FMPT) India

Professional Memberships :

  • Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners UK (AAPUK)
  • Complimentary Medical Association (CMA)
  • College of Ayurvedic Medical Society (CAMAS)

Local GP surgeries:

  • The Rowan Tree Practice, Weybridge, Surrey
  • The Ottershaw Surgery, Ottershaw, Surrey

(We are now taking NHS referrals. Please ask your GP/Practice Manager for more information or see the surgery websites for more information).

Areas of expertise:

  • Pregnancy Post/pre-natal
  • Fertility issues
  • Menopausal & Menstrual Problems
  • Genitourinary Health
  • Digestion Problems/stomach disorders
  • Asthma & Allergies
  • Sinus Problems/Ear Problems
  • Sleeping Disturbance
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Low Mood/Libido
  • Addiction Therapy treatment & counselling
  • Migraine & Headaches
  • Nerve problems
  • Joint/Nerve & Muscle Pain
  • Post-op Recovery Therapy
  • Rejuvenation & Support
  • Skin problems
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Weight management
  • Psychosomatic & Emotional Health

Therapies offered



Initial Consultation £60 (£15 inclusive of herbs)

Follow-up appointments £35 (inclusive of herbs)

Ad-hoc Medicines (£15 for 60 tablets /£20 for 100 tablets)

Comprehensive course of 6 weeks treatment £600 (incl. 6 weekly/fortnightly therapy sessions of 60 - 90mins, Unlimited follow up consultation appointments in person/by Skype/telephone, inclusive of herbs/medicines. Complete care pack for those requiring it. Valid for 3 months from date of purchase.  30% discount if booked before November 1st 2018. Price £420 whilst on offer.

Treatments in the Comprehensive Pack include :  Synchronised Abhyanga Massage with our professionally trained Ayurvedic therapists, Shirodhara Oil Pour, Pindas Veda , Marma Therapy, Ayurvedic cupping and various Basti /Nasya and other treatments.

Single therapy treatments also available. Please go to our online Booking system to book or give us a call to book or check out the offers on the Packages tab.

Four Hands Scychronised Abhyanga Massage  £85

Marma Therapy treatment course (x 3 treatments) £175

Shirodhara + massage course(x 3 treatments) £ 249

Further information


Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays  9 - 6pm  (Weds until 8pm)

Parking is convenient and situated directly behind the clinic. Please park in the spaces marked "Synergy".

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Addlestone, KT15 1TN

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: Hindi, German


Wheelchair access: No


Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays