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About me

I'm a qualified Zero Balancer. In my experience, bodywork is a fantastic way of allowing positive and gentle change into our lives. It can provide a greater degree of physical comfort and assurance and allow us to become freer within ourselves and to realise our potential more fully.

My long term practice of tai chi and martial arts informs my bodywork practice. It has given me an experiential understanding of the body’s energy, structure and mechanics, and has developed my ability to listen to another persons body through touch.

Zero Balancing
Zero balancing is a hands on bodywork therapy that has been described as like a massage through clothes, like therapy without talking and like meditation without the need for disciplined dDSC_0118.jpgaily practice. It works using pressure and gentle manual stretches to bring the skeleton into a better natural alignment, releasing tension and promoting a sense of physical and emotional harmony. It feels great to receive and is deeply relaxing.

Benefits of Zero Balancing
Zero balancing has a wide range of benefits in maintaining health and in personal development. It helps people in good health to feel even better. Specifically it can:

  • Improve posture
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide relief from physical pain and discomfort
  • Allow you to feel good in your body after injury, trauma or chronic pain
  • Increase mental clarity and perspective
  • Release emotional trauma and shock
  • Provide support with making life changes
  • Give you a greater awareness of your strength, creativity and potential
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Give an experience of peace, stillness and deep relaxation

Training, qualifications & experience

I am a certified Zero Balancer and member of the Zero Balancing Association UK. I also have qualifications in Swedish and Body Massage, and Anatomy and Physiology. I have been in practice for the last seven years.


I was delighted at how good my body felt after my first Zero Balancing session. I felt deeply relaxed and aligned. It was therapeutic and relaxing at the same time. The biggest surprise however was how good I felt in myself emotionally after every treatment, which lasted for several days afterwards. I felt positive, motivated and accepting of myself. I have recommended a Zero Balancing treatment from Kathryn to many of my friends. TB, dance teacher

I was recommended to have a few sessions of Zero Balancing to help with my shoulder problems and these have been very beneficial. The treatment is very relaxing. Any tight knots in the body seem to melt away and you come away feeling at peace with the world. TC, retired accountant

I was recommended a Zero Balancing session with Kathryn while continuing to deal with the effects of a very close bereavement. In the first session I experienced a deep relaxation which helped me to deal with the ongoing effects of my loss, both emotionally and in terms of physical ailments. The ongoing sessions helped to give me an exceptional level of clarity with my thought processes that has helped me to work through a range of emotions. It has given me great support in my ongoing grief journey. GC, teacher

I always feel so much better after having a Zero Balancing session. Kathryn is very gentle and intuitive and knows exactly what part of the body needs support. In some of the sessions I have gone very deep and found a place of stillness, which I realised was what my body needed. Zero Balancing has helped me to listen to my body in a deeper way. It has opened and reawakened zones within my body that had been suppressed. CL, hypnotherapist

I’ve found Zero Balancing sessions with Kathryn to be a really positive, natural and uplifting experience. During the sessions you are eased into a sort of meditative state, where it’s easy to put things into perspective, and imagine how you want to feel about things. I could really feel the benefits after the sessions. I’m quite an active person and after one felt almost two inches taller. I have also noticed the difference in my upper body when twisting and turning, my movement has certainly improved. Kathryn is completely professional and has the gift of being able to put you at ease, she is reassuring, perceptive and has real strength when delivering treatments. DS, computer programmer

Therapies offered

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Zero Balancing


Additional information

Zero Balancing (60 mins) £35


Tuesday 10am - 12.30pm, Wednesday 2pm - 5.30pm, Thursday 10-12.30pm and one Saturday a month.

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.


Type of session

In person