Katharine Wroe BA-(hons), MGHT, MCMA

Katharine Wroe  BA-(hons), MGHT, MCMA

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About me

Hi, Thanks for clicking on my link.....

* I am a Spiritual Artist specialising in painting portraits of people and pets/animals before charging the finished artwork up with Reiki energy and Ethereal Crystals... for added healing benefits! All my portraits are professionally framed and double mounted and will arrive to you with a certificate of authenticity, information about the crystals added by intention, and sometimes a loving message or two from the other side of life!


* I am also a Vibrational/Colour Healing and Counselling Master Practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience working within my field, and moreover at a very affordable price.. Trust me when I say I'm not in this line of work for the money, I see my job as my soul purpose.. not the same as 'sole' purpose! I use a combination of tools and tactics that I have up my sleeve to align and balance your chakras instinctively using my intuition.

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word that means 'wheel'. The chakras are nonphysical centres of spinning energy located at the spine, other parts of the body and in the Aura/Energy field. The Aura is a reflection of the combined frequencies of the chakras. Most illness is characterised by a blockage in the channels which include acupuncture meridians, arteries, nerves and veins. When there is a blockage in one of these channels, inflammation, irritation and illness can occur. However, the vibratory energy emanating from light, colour, sound, crystals, flower essences and aromatherapy can break up these blockages, releasing the energy and allowing it to flow easily and freely. When the chakras become balanced, the body resumes its natural harmonic resonance, and illness doesn't manifest, or if the illness is already present then symptoms can disappear and generally don't return due to the underlying cause of imbalance having been removed. I can help you bring your body, mind, emotions and spirit back into a state of harmony by balancing the chakras of the rainbow system-(which are the seven major chakras).

No two people are the same, therefore I cater to each individual's needs during their time with me. I am a natural born INFJ Empath and extremely sensitive to energy and emotions and have first hand experience of working with the spirit world and energy of angels and guides since being a very young child... I was only 5 when I first became fully aware that the people I communicated with were in fact spirit! This led to my realisation over time that everything is energy. It is with their love, light and guidance how I produce my artwork, as well as working with the angels during client healing sessions!

I also enjoy working with and love animals/pets as much as I do human beings, and Reiki is equally as beneficial for them. I care deeply about others and everyone and anyone is more than welcome to visit myself at Aquarius Therapies.. regardless of age, disability, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, family or marital status, race or natural origin etc.. you get the gist- everyone is 100% equal in my eyes.. you could be luminous pink with 10 eyes I couldn't care less.. there's no judgement here!!

I believe in the art of positive thinking, I want to make you laugh again till it hurts because that's when you're winning the battle... One of the greatest natural medicines of all is laughing! I feel strongly that absolutely everything is possible and that each and every one of us is special and unique and here on Earth for our own specific reasons... all working to our own timescales! We shouldn't look at what other people are doing and compare our life to theirs, because that's a massive pitfall people often run into when they think that they haven't come as far as someone else, or that this is how life has to be forever. They are on a different path to you, working to their own time frame, e.g someone might have a baby at 16 and someone else 45, or not at all. Someone might graduate at 23 whilst another does at 55 and so on and so forth - it doesn't matter! Just focus on yourself and do things at your own pace and understand that if your not content with your life that you have the power within you to change it - you can unlock the key to the path of joy and happiness and be the Alchemist of your own life. We all have free will and every decision we make and every word we speak has a consequence, we can learn to forgive ourselves of our human errors and mistakes and realise that tomorrow is a new day, a day to change something we don't like and start over. It's all about changing your mindset from that of a negative one to a positive. I can help you with this!

I can help you get rid of the voice inside your head that tells you your no good, useless, ugly, stupid or that you're a failure... or anything else that's a lie! Our minds can be the equivalent of a god damned monster, a monster that can eat us alive if we allow it. I can learn you to ignore it completely. Sometimes our own worst critic is ourselves, we beat ourselves up that much that we don't need anyone else to say anything nasty at all, we think we're not worthy and often hang on to a throwaway comment someone made in primary school and label 'ourselves' as something that isn't even a true reflection of us. This can then create an avalanche of negative thought patterns and unhealthy habits which have a knock-on effect.. wrecking our relationships, health, jobs... everything!

My goal is to help people to fully believe in themselves and to find the strength and courage to do whatever it is that’s holding them back from reaching for what they truly desire. I can help you relieve stress and anxiety, boost your self-esteem and confidence and help you to deeply relax - allowing you the ability to let go of the pressure, strains and tolls of daily life. Having an hour just for you in a warm, safe and trusted environment will aid you in letting go of any worries, fears, frustrations or concerns you may have. Pressing the pause button on your life and taking time out is important for our all-round health and well-being, on all seven levels of physical, mental, spiritual, social, occupational, emotional and environmental. Looking after yourself in this way is no different to buying new clothes or having your hair and nails done. Plus, by simply talking to another about what's on your mind is beneficial. This doesn't mean that you are weak or unable to cope alone... On the contrary it shows just how brave and strong you actually are, to have the ability to open up and share what's stopping you striding forwards with your life, is a massive accomplishment and warrants a huge pat on the back!

.. With my personal experience of the spirit realm, I can also support you in understanding the crossing of your loved one and help you to see a new way of life... a new 'normal'. Yes, it's utterly heartbreaking when someone we love dies and we no longer have them in the same way we were accustomed to... in their physical form etc, it can be a total game changer. But I am telling you now that your loved one is only ever a thought away and that you can live your life and be happy again... I'm not saying its an easy task, but I am saying I am here for you and can help you through this difficult time of your life.. with big ears- (not literally lol!) heaps of cake and a hot cuppa.. or two!

* However, if you are seriously struggling with deep feelings of anxiety or depression and feel you are going to harm yourself or another person, please don't stay quiet and pick up the phone.. your not alone with this okay, there are people who care and will support you with this. So, please reach out to your GP or alternatively call the mental health charity Mind on 0300 123 3393.

* I also sell precious and semi-precious gemstone jewellery and other crystal gifts, such as tumble stones, eggs and hearts, which I have done for over 17 years. So if you are looking for something special, feel free to give me a call me. Each item I sell is Reiki charged by myself with lots of love and healing energy.

Love and Sparkles,



Training, qualifications & experience

My qualifications are:-

  • BA (HONS) Degree in Fashion Design.. From the University of Huddersfield
  • Higher National Diploma in Fashion Design.. From the School of Creative Arts Doncaster
  • BTEC National Diploma in Fashion Design.. From the School of Creative Arts Doncaster
  • Therapeutic Artwork Healing and Counselling Practitioner Diploma
  • Colour Therapy, Healing & Counselling Practitioner Diploma
  • Vibrational Healing Practitioner Diploma
  • Vibrational Healing Master Practitioner Diploma
  • Gold Reiki 2022 Master/Teacher diploma
  • Angelic Reiki, First & Second Degree
  • Archangel Essences Diploma
  • Sapphires Of Angels Master/Teacher
  • Ethereal Crystals Practitioner Diploma
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma
  • Crystal Healing Advanced Practitioner Diploma
  • Aura & Chakra Balancing Practitioner Diploma- (Incl, Dowsing, Pendulums & Divining rods)
  • Angel Healing Practitioner Diploma
  • Angel Healing Advanced Practitioner Diploma
  • Usui Reiki Level One
  • Usui Reiki Level Two
  • Usui Reiki Master and Teacher
  • … I am also Reiki attuned to the colours of the angels and animal/pet healing!
  • Kundalini Reiki One
  • Kundalini Reiki Two
  • Kundalini Reiki Master and Teacher
  • Sound Healing Practitioner Diploma
  • Flower Remedies & Vibrational Essences Practitioner Diploma
  • Andromeda Healing Level 1 Diploma
  • Andromeda Healing Level 2 Diploma
  • Aromatherapy Practitioner Diploma
  • Meditation Practitioner & Teacher Diploma
  • GNVQ Health and Social Care Intermediate level
  • Anatomy and Physiology Diploma
  • High Vibrational Nutrition Practitioner Diploma
  • Quantum Touch Level One
  • Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
  • Hand Reflexology Practitioner Diploma
  • Hopi Ear Candling Practitioner Diploma
  • Indian Head Massage Practitioner Diploma
  • A Level Art… Grade A
  • A Level Design Technology… Grade A
  • CPCAB Level 2 award Introduction to Counselling skills
  • 8 GCSE'S Grades A-C

* I am also a Full Member of both The Complementary Medical Association and The Guild of Holistic Therapists, so am hereby eligible to use the designated titles of MGHT and MCMA. Both of these organisations, plus Professional Beauty Direct accredit all the professional holistic courses and training I have undertaken.

* I have an up to date DBS certificate for your own peace of mind!

I am currently undertaking some CPD courses- (I will always try and improve myself further, so I can stay current in order to help YOU!) I have vast amounts of experience working with all kinds of people, from all walks of life... especially with children in a school setting as well as from my private treatment room at home... in particular those with disabilities. I was raised by a mother who worked with children with different needs and requirements and so this was a natural progression for me to want to take- via both paid employment, on top of volunteering my free time and assistance at different points throughout my life within schools, as well as helping the homeless and those less fortunate. I feel I inherited a genuine love of others and caring demeanour from my mum and always wanted to make people smile.. either through my artwork or hands on therapies in this way... which is why my business is intertwined as such.. why struggle to choose between them, when I could do both?...  I didn't see the point of depriving myself of the two things I love!

Due to my own personal experience of how different colours impacted my own mood and energy levels aged 15, this fuelled my desire to research, learn and understand more in order to know why this was, so that I could help other people feel better simply by wearing a particular colour.. hence my fashion design degree!

… (you can read a little more about my backstory, client testimonials and more of the reasons for doing what I do on my 'Aquarius' website link, at the top of the page.)

I have worked with the power of crystals from being 13 years old after discovering them by accident aged 12. So, for 27 years now! All this resulted in me gaining professional, accredited qualifications and insurance in other forms of complementary medicine and developing other techniques to help the general public. Plus, by having that badge of reassurance it provided trust and security, as opposed to not. Hence being a full registered member of both the Guild of Holistic Therapists, as well as the Complementary Medical Association in order to practice all the areas I specialise in e.g Reiki, Angel, Sound healing and Breath work etc, ethically and professionally. I would have done all this from the day I left high school if I'd had it my way. But, unfortunately alongside a very unhelpful.. and I mean this with a lot of love, an ignorant careers officer when I was at school, there wasn't an accessible training college available at the time to have done so anyway, but only people working with the Chakra system as a hobby. So, I had no other choice really but to wait and let my life take its natural course, with me having three children, including twins in between. I spoke a little about 'time' earlier and understand that god had other things in store for me to do first, before setting up Aquarius Therapies as an official business in early 2016... Again, everything happens for a reason at the perfect time, and it does all make sense when we reflect back.

Being a parent myself, I know personally how raising children can be both a privilege, rewarding and full of joy, but also a challenge as well.. especially when juggling other issues too which are complex. I completely empathise with those parents and carers feeling stressed, tired, worried or anxious at times.. it's absolutely nothing to feel ashamed or embarrassed about, believe me. If your feeling this way, do me a favour please and remind yourself daily what an amazing job you are doing and be mindful to look after yourself.. taking time out away from your busy life to unwind and de-stress will help you deal better with those days which are more demanding... even if it just means staying at home and taking a warm bath whilst playing some relaxing music.. It works magic!

I use all of what I do regularly to maintain my own personal equilibrium and that of my own family and friends, as well as with my clients, because I know it all works! With a combination of you being truly listened to when/if you choose to talk about your troubles and feelings, in a strictly confidential manner, alongside the therapies I provide, miraculous results can occur!


Member organisations

The Guild of Holistic Therapists

Photos & videos

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I charge £25 an hour for the therapies.

You can view the style, size and prices of my portraits on my personal website if you wish.

Further information




REIKI... Be it Usui, Kundalini, Angelic or Gold






However, I usually work with the power of 3, such as Reiki, Coloured silks and crystals.. or whatever you feel personally drawn to have from the list above! This is your time so its absolutely up to you with what you'd prefer to have happen in your session. Feel free to call me to discuss this further. In all my treatments you will benefit from the aroma of pure essential oils, and either a guided meditation or relaxing music. Like I said previously I am qualified, trained and experienced in lots of areas and will implement certain things for maximum benefits if I see fit, such as Bach flower remedies or flower and angel essences. I don't know what your session will go like until we've had a consultation, and then my intuition tells me how we should move forward. All I expect from you is for you to have faith that your in good hands!


There really are no limits to the benefits of healing, whether you just feel a little bit down or if you would just like to maintain your already high vibration, or maybe you are in the final stages of a terminal illness, healing can be extremely beneficial for you but also to your loved ones as well.

1. In a deeply relaxed state the body will begin its own healing process
2. Helps with grief and loss
3. Can help with depression
4. Helps with dealing with difficult relationships
5. Sleep patterns may improve
6. Tension is released
7. Blood pressure can be normalised
8. Pain can be eased as the body is balanced
9. Endorphins are released, creating a feeling of well being
10. Supports the immune system
11. Helps with spiritual growth and development
12. Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
13. Slows down the ageing process and increases vitality
14. Can help with injuries and chronic problems
15. Promotes a peaceful and positive outlook
16. Helps the body recover after surgery
17. Renewed freshness of outlook
18. Relief of stress and anxiety
19. Enhanced mental clarity
20. Enhances creativity and problem solving
21. Removal of toxins or poisonous elements from the body
22. Aids in clearing old patterns and limiting beliefs
23. Encourages emotional release

There are many, many more benefits… far too many to list here, but I think you have the idea of how positive energy healing can be.

Important information

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Maps & Directions

Doncaster, DN5 7LS

Practical details

Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Wheelchair access: Unspecified

I work mobile for those people who prefer to have treatments in the comfort of their own home, or who are unable to leave the house.. coming to see yourself or pet is not a problem at all.


I work by appointment only from 10:00am-3:00pm. Please feel free to call, drop me an email or leave a voicemail and I will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a date. Thank you.