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About me

I am a Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner working with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Weight Loss, Confidence, Phobia and Addictions. I offer compassionate understanding of your situation in a completely confidential setting and am willing to listen openly and without judgement.

EFT and Counselling

EFT (commonly referred to as 'Tapping') is one of the most compelling therapies to be developed due to the speed at which it allows people to heal and create lasting life change. I've found it to be an essential tool in dealing with anxiety, grief, trauma, and depression. It's also long-lasting and effective with weight loss, phobia and addiction. The results are immediately felt and clients can consciously track their emotion changing. For clients who have been depressed the feeling of a positive momentum, especially for someone who has been feeling stuck for a long time, is exhilarating. I will ask your permission to tap on you and you will learn how to tap on these points for your own personal use. Whilst tapping on specific points you are guided to release negative emotions, images, memories.

I'm additionally trained in Karl Dawson's advanced EFT-derived method, Matrix Reimprinting where painful or distressing memories can be reconstructed and allow you to move on. Whether it is memories to do with a bad shock, trauma, abuse or divorce, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are powerful tools to help you move forward and feel renewed.

Via Skype or Telephone
I also work via Skype or telephone if you prefer to stay at home or live some distance away. Please make this clear at the time of making an appointment. Once you are familiar with the tapping points telephone can be very effective for EFT work.

What can be Helped?

Anxiety (stress, fear and panic attacks)

Depression (low mood, negative thoughts, worry, despondence)

Weight-loss (and eating issues)

Confidence (interviews, public speaking, social anxiety)

Addictions (smoking, food, drugs, sex, porn)

Phobias (spiders, snakes, fear of flying, MRI scan, needles)

Relationship breakdowns – Family, Friends, Partner

Sex Therapy (ED, porn addiction, loss of desire, unwanted fetish)

Emotions around Cancer (diagnosis, tests, treatments, remission, affect upon relationships and family)

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, IBS (pain, anxiety, negative thought patterns)

I'm also a fully trained and qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses techniques and interventions from a wide range of other approaches such as CBT, Gestalt, and NLP. As a part of the toolkit we use 'trance' which involves leading the client into a deeply relaxed state though still aware at all times. In the 'trance' state the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious mind is more open. it is believed that being in this state allows the mind to become open to suggestions made by the Hypnotherapist.

In fewer sessions than you may think, you will be able to sort out your problems and make permanent change. Please visit my website for further details about the modalities that I practice. Thank-you.


Training, qualifications & experience

I am an EFT/Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. I have experience working with Anxiety, Weight Loss, Phobia, Addiction, Stop Smoking. I am a fully qualified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Psychotherapist and Counsellor, EMDR and Havening Techniques Practitioner.  I am a member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and the NCP (National Council for Hypnotherapy)

Dip C Hyp Cognitive Hypnotherapy
Dip Hypnotherapy

EFT Practitioner Certificate - Level 3, Advanced
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Certificate

Dip Counselling & Psychotherapy
NLP Practitioner Diploma

Other available therapies



Havening Techniques




Additional information

From Stow-Cum-Quy:

EFT and Havening Techniques £90 for 90 minutes

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP £90 for 90 minutes

Psychotherapy & Counselling £90 for 90 minutes

Reiki £50 for 75 minutes

To see me at inner city, Salus Wellness clinics there is an additional fee of £10 per session.


Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 20.30 Friday 10.00 - 14.30

Further information

I work out of Stow-Cum-Quy which is 20 minutes from the centre of Cambridge (outside rush-hour) with ample parking in a serene setting.


Salus Wellness Clinics, 47 Norfolk Street, CB1 2LD

Also registered with Hypnotherapy Directory.

If you have been diagnosed with or suspect you may have a pre-existing medical condition you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any alternative or additional therapies, treatments or making any major changes in your diet or exercise programme.

Station Road
CB25 9AJ

Norman House
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Type of session

In person
Christina Perritt

Christina Perritt