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Hi my name is Anthony I'm a physical therapist as in I work doing therapy on the physical body, I'm not though a qualified physio or traditionally trained( probably why I outperform most physio stuck in the body as a machine ideology). I'm also an holistic therapist, advanced biofield tuning practitioner, EFT matrix re-imprinting practitioner and personal trainer. I am mainly a therapist these days and most of my personal training is for corrective exercise. I have taken my therapy to a high level of success due to my large tool box of therapies and corrective exercise and muscle activation techniques! Due to my dedication to healing and training in lots of modalities that I integrate depending on problem , I am constantly out performing NHS, Physio's, Chiropractors, Osteopaths etc! Often healing long standing problems for people who have previously not had any joy with the likes of above.

    For the last 4 years I have also began healing emotional trauma using biofield tuning a new and unique sound therapy that works in the human biofield to release trauma and ACE (adverse childhood experiences).  Have had great results with PTSD, anxiety and depression. The bonus of this work is the client doesn't have to talk about the issue as it is released anyway using  sound as a feedback mechanism to help the mind and body process and release the unprocessed memory. As my great success in physical therapy is down to my multidiscipline approach I also have qualified in EFT and EFT Matrix re-imprinting another great modality for healing trauma and shifting negative beliefs into positive beliefs. This is a great add on to the biofield tuning and they really work well together !  As with my physical therapies I like to have as many tools as possible to heal the issue and have just started training in EMDR and TRE , to add to the above ! I am a very dedicated therapist and get great satisfaction from healing people !

Training, qualifications & experience

Have been a therapist now for 20 years and enjoy great success constantly outperforming, the NHS, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physio's. The reason for this is having a large toolbox of some very powerful therapies! Including Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Dry Needling, Medical acupuncture, Myofascial Release, Neuro Structural Integration Technique, Bowen Therapy, Dorn Method, Spinal Touch Biomechanics, Be Activated (Doug Heels powerful muscle activation technique),Muscle Balance Therapy(postural correction) Exercise for Lower back Pain and

Have been treating  emotional trauma for nearly 5 years now,  I'm  having great results with anxiety, PTSD and depression from using biofield tuning, EFT and EFT matrix re-imprinting.  Like my physical therapies I like to have a large toolbox and greater understanding of the subject from different angles and have just started training in EMDR and TRE. Below are some testimonials from clients and are typical of the results I enjoy week in week out for both emotional and physical therapies !


Well I was sceptical but hopeful  when first went to Anthony after seeing his testimonials on facebook!  I had been suffering chronic back pain for the last 25 years, bad enough for me to have to retire early from a job! I had seen chiropractors, osteopaths, NHS physio and even had radio therapy to deaden the nerves in my back which lasted about 3 weeks . After all this I was sent to the pain management clinic by the docs and told  I will just have to learn to live with it! After my first visit with Anthony I had a massive reduction in pain and now 6 weeks later I'm pain free and have got my life back. Can't thank you enough Anthony ! Ray Thompson Buxton

I initially sought Anthony's help for some bowen therapy for fibromyalgia , this did reduce the symptoms. Whilst having treatment I mentioned my anxiety which Ant said he could help with as it is usually related to past trauma, he also suggested that past trauma was connected to the fibromyalgia . So after some Biofield Tuning and EFT my anxiety as gone and I'm pain free.
I would recommend Anthony as his knowledge and skills regarding releasing trauma and the effect it has on your body are excellent.

Louise Hallam High Peak

Hi all well several weeks after going to see Anthony I am writing a Testimonial ! Now usually I am sceptical of reviews etc, but I can guarantee this is for real! After suffering a prolapsed disc seeing endless guys, osteopaths etc  spending loads of money, the state doc and physio, tramadol, oramorph, paracetamol & codine and diazepam. Anthony was back in town, so I had a couple of visits  with him, I have no idea how some of it works but it really does! Anthony uses a very gentle technique no crashing and crunching and educates you on how to align things on your own! Now I'm a Builder for a job and the past two weeks have been laying a patio with heavy slabs and  tonnes of hardcore moved, and touch wood I'm still good. Yes I ache a little at night but I defy anyone not to.  Rob Stewart Buxton

Anxiety Gone

I went to see Ant back in August as I had seen the good reviews he was getting on Facebook. I went not really knowing what to expect and was going as I had nothing to loose. I have tried various therapies, which have been successful to a degree but not fully addressing the issues I was having. I have been suffering from pretty bad anxiety since Christmas but I didn't realise I had been suffering from it on and off for years, it was a visit to the doctors at Christmas that I got diagnosed with anxiety and I put 2 and 2 together for all the years I had been feeling not quite right. The last episode was really quite traumatic and the anxiety just stuck around until I went to see Ant

    The treatment recommended was biofield tuning, nothing more I can say about it other than brilliant. Along with that I have also had EFT with him which has complimented the biofield massively. Before seeing Ant, I was on medication that wasn't really helping and just generally a constant feeling of being stressed, sad and not positive at all.
  It's a different story now, I feel much happier, looking forward to the future, less stressed and generally 100 per cent more positive. To add to that I have felt well enough to come off the medication, great stuff. I can literally say, its turned mine and my families life around. His knowledge was never ending and it was all very easy to understand. He joined up a lot of dots for me and I can't thank him enough. I would highly recommend.

Thanks again. Kelly Phillips Buxton

"Well I'm happy to say I'm now of the painkillers I've been taking for the last 19months. I have been under the NHS had X rays MRI scans the lot for my back and hip pain. also seen an osteopath, physio and another therapist! After seeing Anthony's advert in the Buxton Advertiser I decided to give him a try and I'm so glad I did, 3 treatments and my back feels great now!"  Andrew Western  Litton

Anxiety Gone

Well what can i say.. years of anxiety and fears gone after 3 sessions with Anthony..No more going round in circles I can finally move forward and get on with my life.  Thank you Anthony your'e Amazing..Bless You .    Chelle Wynne Buxton

"After visiting doctors. Scans, injections n physio on my hip for 4 years I got to see ant after returning to Buxton. 1 hour treatment and I have been pain free for nearly a week. It's made such a difference in my life ""Cannot thank you enough Anthony." Caroline Jacques Chesterfield !

Life Back on track after PTSD healed !

I had been struggling with anxiety and depression for about 6 years , I was taking beta blockers and anti depressants after being diagnosed with anxiety disorder by the Dr and I was under the mental health team for quite a while but nothing helped.
It was getting that bad I was struggling to leave the house without having a panic attack. The anxiety was causing so much tension in my body I ended up going to Anthony for physical therapy, I told Anthony about my anxiety and he suggested I had PTSD caused by a very traumatic event in the past. He said he could help using a very unique therapy he had recently learned called biofield tuning. It turned out to be the best thing I had ever done, it's completely changed my life, Im now off all my meds and getting my life back on track, couldn't believe the results and feel like he has saved my life.

Cant thank you enough Anthony Karl Buxton (Buxton)

"Well after 3 weeks almost bedridden with bulging disc, excruciating pain, dosed up on pain killers , and Dr advising operation. I was advised by a friend to see Ant after first session pain was at least 80% reduced and after 3 sessions and the use of Anthony decompression machine the pain is as good as gone! He has advised me to keep using machine   and as given me postural correction exercises so I won't be having op after all. Thanks  so much Ant extremely grateful"

Joe Blackham - Buxton

Anxiety gone !

Just finished off my third session of biofield tuning with Anthony, after suffering with anxiety and stress through one thing an another. Im feeling pretty good now, anxiety gone, sleeping a lot better, waking up feeling awake, looking forward to the day and seem to have loads more energy. Also managing to let things go rather than stress over them and have a more positive outlook on things.

                          Thanks Ant Gareth Bowers Buxton

"It's nice to be able to sit comfortably for the first time in 18 months of discomfort with Pubic Synthesis and SI joint pain that started just before the birth of my daughter. I have spent a good £500 pounds with a physio who I was seeing for 9 months, Drs , NHS, Pain Clinic and more money with an Osteopath with no joy. So I'm happy to report after 4 treatments with Anthony the pain as virtually gone and it's such a relief !"

Claire Naylor - Buxton

PTSD Gone !
I booked my girlfriend in for some. ‘biofield tuning’ with Anthony to help her relax and after getting positive feedback off her I decided to give it a go myself. I have been suffering with PTSD for a long time now from an incident and injury I had when I was younger. I had previously had medication off the Dr which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone and have tried every system going to help sort it. Drink is a big part for many people with this condition to bring you down to a normal level from uncontrollable hyper sensitivity and hyper arousal but you can’t live like that.

I didn’t know what to expect really thought it would just be relaxing and calm me down a bit, I was not ready for how powerful this treatment was! After the first session I sat up quite spaced out, in a nice way, it lasted a few hours then I just breezed through the day no stress.
After session 2 and 3 I felt my energy coming back like I used to have and was sleeping better . After my last few sessions I feel like my old self again and have stopped worrying about stupid things.
I'm not someone who just goes along with all the nonsense society brings and would not say this worked just for the sake of it, but it is fantastic and also drug free , its done my partner a world of good to!
                                        Thanks Ant Tim Belfield Buxton

I am so incredibly grateful and pleased with the results after my visit with Ant today. I must admit I was very sceptical as I’ve had this pain in my arms for well over 14 months now and thought it was probably hormonal. Seen various doctors and had no end of blood tests to find out what the problem is. Then after one, yeah ONE treatment lasting about an hour and a half I can now say that I am pain free. Leaving your clinic session, I still felt a little pain in my arms but nothing like when I arrived but its just got better and better and I now have virtually no pain (other than where your fingers dug in lol) I’m gob smacked. Even my knees feel much easier and didn’t feel any pain going down the stairs. You are a magician Anthony Sircar Trigger point Therapy and Bowens Therapy …… I’m sold!!

            — feeling virtually pain free after 14 months.

            Nora Edge Buxton/Brighton

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Biofield Tuning a new era in trauma healing to help release anxiety , depression , PTSD etc

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Dorn Method.

Be Activated ( Doug Heels powerful muscle activation technique)

Postural Correction (Muscle Balance Therapy) NVQ L3

Exercise for Lower Back Pain NVQ L4


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