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#WorldReflexologyWeek - let your feet celebrate

From the 24-30th September it is World Reflexology Week, a perfect time to celebrate all things wonderful about feet.

Our feet are amazing, well to myself and other reflexologists think they certainly are! They have so many stories to tell and are a reflection of our well-being. 

A reflexologists aims to bring about a state of homeostasis or balance. They do not prescribe and do not give medical advice. However, they can support you to recognise where you may be out of balance emotionally and physically. 

Working the reflex points on the feet which match systems and reflex points in the body, a reflexologist can support the body to release stress and induce calm and relaxation.

The body can become to used to being in a state of fight or flight, especially in today's very world of busyness. We become human 'doings' and forget that we are actually human 'beings'. Created and designed to rest and restore. Without that recovery time we can become toxic and unable to renew and regenerate our bodies systems.

Making yourself perfectly relaxed, reflexology can allow you that time to zone out of your day and world whilst your feet are supported in the hands of your reflexologist. The massaging movements along with rhythmical pressure over the reflex points is bliss and certainly does not tickle. Getting your body back into the natural flow and rhythm. 

Reflexology week is a perfect time to try a reflexology session for the first time or return to that feeling of bliss if you have not been for a while. 

There are lots of offers on during World Reflexology week so get your feet up and let a reflexologist restore and rebalance you.

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