Why massage therapies?

One of the most common questions massage therapists are asked is: “Why do I need a massage if there is nothing wrong with me?”.

The reply is always very much the same - there are many reasons why massage therapies is good for us, no matter what our age is.

This is because:

a) If you are injured or recovering from an accident or illness, massage therapy can help to alleviate symptoms.

b) If you spend long hours sitting at the desk and/or a computer, massage therapy can release tension that builds on your body, particularly in the back and neck area.

c) If you are exercising regularly, massage therapy can actually help to prevent injury by stretching and working deep into muscles.

But even more than that…

Regular massage therapy improves our physical well-being, particularly as we get older. All that stiffness, aches and pains - many people just accept as part of ageing process. This does not have to be the case if you take the right kind of action to look after your body.

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