Why do I charge £145 per hour?

I have for a long while been brewing on money and value. From starting my own business in 2019 I began to see how it all felt very familiar. How the angst, the worry and bouts of utter delight were reminding me of something else I had done.  How whenever I shared a post or held space for a client I felt a rising in me of feeling and a pulsing of thoughts. These feelings and sensations I was feeling with the unfolding of my business Let’s Connect and Feel Better reminded me of when I had my daughter in 2009, 10 years previously.  


12 years ago my daughter was brewing in my womb, growing, readying herself for this environment I was making for her. And the only actual advice I give to parents now is “enjoy every single moment, every giggle, every smile, every tantrum, every exhausted bedtime, every hand hold, every swimming lesson trip, every argument and especially those moments where you’re a totally crap mum but your child seems to recover” (although you may not from the guilt! EFT can help!).

The work I do with parents is almost always about opening up a space for them to release their own field of trapped emotions from their childhood, ancestors, collective templates etc… And rarely giving any advice whatsoever, you know how to love, this is innate in all of us.

Throughout the whole of my parenting I studied, I funded my own education through doing it over six years and through the support from my family, loved ones and NHS colleagues. My degrees were actually a way for me to connect with the world, it was my space to receive and give that was separate from my parenting and relationships.

My education, Biomedical Masters degree, Equine Science degree and my A levels were a way for me to receive connection in a safe way. A lot of the information that passed through my brain left it almost instantaneously. The anatomy I remember but the principles were later on I found out all sort of incorrect, using Newtonian based science instead of the most up to date science, quantum field mechanics.  

This science acknowledges the presence of “the whole”, that there are fields of energy, not matter and energy. That the body is part of a larger whole and our health is actually OUR OWN responsibility not the responsibility of our GP or surgeon. Quantum mechanics acknowledges this as does Epigenetics. Although, of course, I have received much healing through my GP, through public service healthcare and also through healthcare I actively search for and pay for myself!  

I have paid taxes and I have also received support for years through the government. When I do qualify for the higher band of paying taxes I will happily do this because I know what it is like to need this support.  

I tell you this because I ask for £145 per hour for my services not because of the years of academia I have accumulated, I value my services this much because of the years and years I have parented my beautiful daughter. My daughter deserves this because she was my biggest teacher, my Angel daughter was the business I made so many mistakes with.  

The only mistake I ever made was not cherishing every single moment, every single moment of her in my womb, every moment she got an angry/stressed out mum because I was shut off from my own connection with my Divinity.  

No worries dear reader, I regularly connect with these times, I look at my daughter's face and honour her, I cherish her and when I cannot, I ask myself why?  I place my hand on my heart and feel her warmth, I look at one of the Connection Hearts (one of the parenting tool products I sell through the website) that she created through her illustrations as an eight year old.

Part of my mission with my business is to highlight to my clients how much parenting is a sacred daily act of repentance of our own childhood. How through our parenting we can heal our whole family template. How we will never look at our own mother in the same way and suddenly we are humbled and we get it finally!

We understand how hard parenting is and must have been for them. How our whole lives can change for the better if we follow the energy of our child. Indigo children and all these powerful souls that are here are to be cherished, honoured and allowed to transform what is around them.  

I also honour my daughter's father, who was part of so much of my healing through being an utterly appalling human being so much of the time. It was he who I escaped and then triggered off my own journey back to myself. Because of my daughter I invested in a house, because of her I began to treat myself better and I finally began to love myself. Because of my parenting…

So if you feel fed up of your children, or you feel they are not shaping up to be the way you envisaged, if you feel just too knackered to even reach out then take a moment to ask yourself why? Why can you not feel the love, the warmth, the softness of your child and therefore yourself.  

Begin to value your own parenting, mothering and fathering as much as I honour my own. Jump on board one of the amazing programmes provided for men and women. Buy a pack of Connection Hearts to nourish the relationship that will define the very being of your child! Their relationship with you dear reader! With their beloved parent.

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