What makes a healer

Healers have a channel of healing which come through them. Insight, intuition and divine wisdom show the way. Once linked with healing energy it flows when needed.

Reiki has particular frequencies and they all come from the same divine source, are gentle, loving and beneficial to those who receive it and to situations to which it is sent. It’s like a soft, magical pure stream of LOVE.

Trusting a healer should be no problem and in choosing a healer in your area it’s always good to go with the intuition and gut reaction rather than with thought. There’s a sort of inner knowing which should not be ignored.

Some healers will offer several different approaches and therapies but you will know what’s right for you unless the body is very out of balance and isn’t picking up properly at a deep knowing level.

Healers can find your imbalances. A good healer will keep up to date with modern discoveries about the body and will work on themselves. A good healer has compassion. Charges have to be made for the treatment, but these also have to pay the healers costs e.g. the general maintenance of their practice, insurances and for trainings that have been taken by a good professional healer, as well as for their experience. Some healers have been practising for many years and have a portfolio of knowledge.

Clients will soon realise at a session what is working for them, what the healer is like as a person and if all feels right, and will value their expertise and opinions. Not all healers give advice and some prefer to do a healing session and wait to see the results. All that counts is that healing will have occurred.

It must be a puzzle to some clients BUT healing is genuine, can sort out most if not all problems. Many healers now work in public places and in hospitals. It is not the choice of all healers to do this. 

As time goes on, the medical profession is becoming more open to healing and some may even be gaining the knowledge that healing came before drugs!

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