What is Reiki?

"What is Reiki? What does it do? Can you heal this, or that? How does it work?"

That is what many people ask me when I say I am a Reiki therapist and well, after 10 years of practising Reiki, I am still struggling to describe what Reiki is or at least to put it into words.

Reiki means "universal energy" and I believe that, instead of using the words, "Reiki healer" which has oriental connotations and sounds like a kind of special science, we could simply use, "energy healer" which is exactly what Reiki does. And indeed, before attending my first Reiki course, I was already an energy healer.

I use to feel heat coming out from my hands and I had the urge to heal people so I did try to hover my hands on some people with great results. Stomach aches or headaches would just go but then I forgot about it until years later, when I felt that same tingling and heat in my hands when reading a book about Reiki. At this moment I knew I had to do the Reiki courses.

So, Reiki, although it is the same energy that I used to use to treat my patients then, has reinforced my connection to the energy.

When I treat patients, I channel energy to them, I do not use mine so that I do never get depleted of energy. I am only a bystander that is why we cannot say what we can heal, we are not medium unfortunately.

We only channel energy in the best possible way by being grounded and practising mindfulness.

The energy somehow finds its own way and knows exactly what to treat.

It is all nice, but how does that energy work, how does it heal?

Well, the Chinese had studied energy, which they call chi, for many years and claim that subtle energy circulate through channels or meridians throughout our body. And when the flow of energy is blocked at one point, it will create an imbalance in the system and that is where starts disturbance in our system.

If you imagine, those meridians being a water pipe running in a particular way inside a machine for example.

Now, you obviously can imagine what will happen if you block the flow of water in one point in the system, one part will overflow, that is where you have an accumulation of chi in your body and the other part of the system will be depleted of water.

Acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki therapist are 'pipes fixers', they will disperse the accumulation of energy and likewise, fill the areas of depleted energy for the system to run smoothly again. But sometimes, it might take time to 'repair', depending on the damage or the amount of stress that you body has been through, or sometimes it depends on how long the system has been imbalanced for. There are so many factors involved.

Imagine, that some of the pipes have been filled with calcium over many years and even past lives, and has harden over time, which restricts the flow of the water through them. Now, how long do you think it will take to remove all the accumulation of calcium through all the pipes?

You will certainly need more than one session of energy healing to rebalance everything.

Reiki works on all levels, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional so, in order to establish balance on all levels sometimes it takes long than other times.

There is no limit of what Reiki can do or heal, the only limit is yourself.

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