What is a drum journey?

The minute we are born, we are moulded. We first go to school, some of us go to college and even university. Next steps is what they call the 'real' world, where we enter the world of exchange, we work, make money, and spend it. We then get married have children and it is back to square one again, school, college, money etc.

Many of us enjoy life and are happy fulfilling their dream with huge amount of material possession along with a pocket full of money. Therefore, they are quite keen to say that only one reality exists. That is what they know the best at the end of the day.

But what happens when something dramatic and out of your control strikes you? Like losing all your precious possessions, or a loved one, or when illness shows its face.

You start wondering if there is something else behind all this disaster. You begin to ask yourself a few more questions and might consider other realities. Indeed, money cannot heal you or take away the pain.

It is also when we start looking out of the box when shamanism, drum healing, drum journeys come in to the equation.

So, what is the purpose of a drum journey?

The purpose of a drum journey is to assist us in this ordinary reality, to find guidance, insights which we can use for our own or other's good.

We might walk on the wrong path without knowing it; your guides will know and will try to show you which is the right path for you.

During a drum journey, your brain waves and, that has been proven scientifically, will switch into theta waves with the drum beats, which is like entering a lucid dream. It is like entering a different awareness.

The drum beat will put your ego mind to sleep for a little while, so you can connect with your inner self. You will experience different non-ordinary realities, where you can see life from a detached point of view. Once connected to the spirit world, you can retrieve information and bring back healing. You might receive little hints that will help through your path.

Everything is there somewhere in the universe, answers, healing, guidance, your job is to find what you need.

But remember, although journeys are wonderful and although it can be helpful to share your experience, journeys are personal and are different each time. Also, do not forget that Ego is not present so there is no right and wrong and there is no 'I should experience this or that'. You just experience what you have to experience at the time being.

Drum journeys can also help you to retrieve your soul. Indeed sometimes, through trauma, shock or painful events, part of your soul may scatter.

Also, remember that you are always in control during a drum journey. You are awake and aware of your physical world and your spiritual world at the same time and you are free to walk away from any situations or come back to the ordinary reality whenever you would like.

So to resume, drum journeys can be used to access information for changing areas of your life.

You can travel for anything, for healing, career concerns or relationship problems. You will gain inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. You will feel connected and grounded.

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