What causes illness

From time to time everyone is faced with illness of some sort. It’s just life and the human thing!

Illness comes when the body is out of balance. This can come about for many reasons. The emotions have a large part to play. Unhappiness creates a lowering of energy and the immune system is challenged. It is lowered allowing entry to anything lurking!

There are other factors apart from feelings but they are all in combination. The environment affects the body. Polluted air, electromagnetic forces and geopathic stress too. We are sensitive beings even though we may be strong. Our bodies are finely tuned.

Of course accidents are different but when one was little ‘the clumsy child’ was talked of, or ‘accident prone’. That can be due to different ‘wiring’. Many disorders have their root in genetics. However, there are those who say that when we have an accident it is due to being out of balance in some way be it mentally, emotional or physically.

In being mindful of our circumstances and more in tune with ourselves and our bodies, we can live more healthily. Eating carefully, not eating lots of processed foods and having a good balanced diet, is all good for us.

Those who have particular illnesses such as diabetes, IBS or crohns disease have to stick to very particular diets. Sometimes, we may not know what foods we are sensitive to and tests can reveal this.

Doctors can refer patients for testing. The healer can give their opinion when required on eating healthily, exercise etc., if the client needs this. Today the NHS is overburdened and a session of Reiki can help to get through some illnesses and sort pain, and yet a medical opinion is important too. A good healer will always encourage clients to see the doctor and will also help with what needs sorting which is often at a different level which is subtle and not within what the majority of doctors would pick up as it’s not part of formal training.

The causes of illness can be many but looking carefully at your food and your environment can help with:

  • Reducing chances of pollution where you can
  • Discovering whether you sleep in direct contact with electrical devices which might affect you
  • Trying to get rid of geopathic stress if you feel it’s affecting you
  • Ensuring that the actual home is safe from things which might cause accidents of any sort
  • Living as stress free a life as we can.

We can take charge of our health which empowers us. Reiki is there to help when we need to keep well with a balancing, preventative session, as well as when things go wrong. 

  • How to heal
  • You can get better
  • Reiki and recovery
  • Reasons for Reiki
  • Find your healer
  • The healer within.

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