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Transdermal magnesium for post training fatigue

Objectives: Cycling is one of the most high-energy consuming exercises leading to depletion of energy sources and development of fatigue. Post-training fatigue has significant effects on the mood and stress responses of cyclists. Furthermore, high stamina cycling can have an adverse impact on dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate (DHEA-S) and cortisol resulting in poor recovery. The transdermal application of magnesium can help by improving DHEA and cortisol. The current study investigated the effectiveness of transdermal magnesium in decreasing post-exercise fatigue in cyclists.

Methodology: Quantitative research methodology, based on a previous study by Waring (2011), was chosen for the primary investigation of pre- and post- fatigue in 3 cyclists. Five participants were selected and investigated using the Hecimovich- Peiffer- Harbaugh Exercise Exhaustion Scale (HPHEES). Correlation and regression coefficients were measured collectively for the pre- and post-training fatigue periods for three weeks, that is, week 2, week 4 and week 6.

Results: The correlation and regression results of week 2 and week 4 showed a strong negative relationship between post-training fatigue components and transdermal application of magnesium, such as recovery (-0.702), easiness (-0.617) and mentally drained (-0.696), while a moderate negative correlation was found for post-exercise energy (-0.441), refreshness (-0.58), replication of last game event (- 0.306), muscle ache (-0.481) and mental sharpness (- 0.484). In contrast, the week 6 results showed strong positive effects of transdermal magnesium oil on the post- training fatigue in cyclists.
Conclusion: There is a positive and significant transdermal effect of magnesium in decreasing post- exercise fatigue in cyclists.

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