Tired of feeling overwhelmed?

If you are tired of feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by the long list of things on your to-do list (even those which you know are good for you) then I have the solution.

Reiki can help you

Taking time out for a Reiki treatment will not only provide you with a whole hour to lie down and breathe, all wrapped up and cosy on the treatment couch, but will help restore and revitalise your energy. With your energy levels renewed, you will feel a sense of balance and harmony so you can get your life back into perspective and take control. Reiki flows to exactly where it is needed for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The energy stimulates your own ability to heal and cope with life’s challenges, thus empowering you and connecting you to your authentic self. Many clients who book a series of three to six treatments notice the results as a gradual awakening or new sense of awareness and strength that they grow into and embody and embrace wholeheartedly when they are ready.

After a Reiki treatment you might feel:

  • Relaxed and nurtured.
  • Calm and at peace.
  • Free of worry and pain.
  • Empowered and hopeful.
  • Positive and loved.

Reiki as a holistic therapy treats people and not specific conditions. We all deal with life and illness differently and we are all unique individuals, not only in genetic make-up but in terms of our life experience. Feeling better goes beyond the physical and Reiki helps us delve into that intangible world of emotion and feeling that normally remains out of sight or even ignored. It can help you connect with the real you and take you from feeling overwhelmed to empowered and ready for a life full of joy. The best part about Reiki is it’s a truly nurturing energy which comforts and supports you through any fears or anxieties you may be experiencing.

So, still tired of feeling overwhelmed? Is it time for your soul to shine? Is Reiki for you?

Well, no amount of blog reading is going to decide that for you, you really won’t know until you try it for yourself. 

Treatments last on average one hour, with the first treatment lasting one hour 15 minutes to cover time for a consultation and questions. I recommend to experience the best results book a series of three to six treatments to help you embody the transformation and create change where you need to.

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